Wednesday Snap Shot

Wednesday Snap Shot is a quick peek into my week.

If you'd like to join in on my Wednesday Snap Shot.. copy and paste my post, add your answers (you can also copy the pic..BUT Please download the picture to your computer first.. do not just directly copy and paste.. otherwise you are using my bandwidth..thank you! :).. link your post to my blog and then come back and let me know you shared your week. I'll come and visit you and read about your homemaking week!! :)

So Far This Week
Good morning everyone! I've had a good week. I've mentioned in a few blog posts that this year I've had some vision issues. I've been to several doctors, had multiple tests which have all come back normal, so it's been a long journey. Finally last week I saw a specialist and he was able to tell me what the problem is. I felt a huge weight of relief off of me as I walked out of his office. I now know what I'm dealing with and have an answer to solve it. The solution will be surgery and now I wait for the surgeon's office to call and schedule and appointment to meet him and go from there. Everything medical seems to take time, so I don't have any idea how long it will be before this is solved but at least I finally have an answer and I'm very thankful for that.

My daughter Hannah and children came to see us last week and we had such a nice visit. My hubby is known to the grandchildren as the snack grandpa. Whenever we go to their house, he brings a snack. Whenever they come here and he is home, he has a snack for them. These are very simple snacks sometimes it's a little container of nuts, sometimes it's a small amount of potato chips or fruit. The kids love mostly the ritual of snack time with grandpa more then anything else. When they see him the first thing they will ask him is if he has a snack for them :).

While we were out shopping a couple weeks ago my hubby saw some Bugles. It brought back memories from our own childhoods. As a child I remember putting them on our fingers to make witches nails as we called them. So he bought a small package of them. When they were here last week he brought them out and they all had some snack time fun..

The kids do love it when Grandpa is just as goofy as they are!  :)

On My To-Do List
Today is a cool, rainy, wet, cloudy day. All it really makes me feel like doing is snuggling up with a cup of something warm and yummy and a book! :) I may do that later on in the day but before that I have a few things to do..

~laundry.. I have a load going and another one to do after that
~vacuum the living room
~make dinner... I posted on Monday the recipe for Crockpot Steak & Veggies. I'm going to get that started soon. I have the meat defrosting now.
~make lemonade... I send lemonade to work with my hubby each day. I make it up ahead of time and fill bottles with it. I usually make a couple gallons at a time and then have it ready to go for quite a while.

Maybe by late afternoon/evening I'll be ready for that book, warm drink and snuggling up for the evening.

Projects I'm Working On
I had a friend come over last week and we made soap together. She had never made it so I let her make a small batch to learn the process. That was a lot of fun. I made a bigger batch and still would like to make some more. As soon as my children hear I'm making soap they stand in line to get some! Ha, ha.. I think I love giving it away to them as much as I love making it.

After I finished doing my round of fall cleaning I decided a little decorating would be a nice finish on a clean house. I'm really not much of a fall person, but I try each year to get into the spirit of it all. I was happy with my efforts when I was done and it does make the house feel more cozy..

Today's Weather
Wet and rainy and cool..

High, 64 Low 52

The View from my Deck (or window)
I stood out in the rain to get this picture. One thing is for sure, with the rain we've had it's made everything  green, pretty quickly!

What I'm Reading
I finished reading Joel and Amos in my Bible reading. I started reading Sherlock Holmes, The Sign of the Four. Then I saw a freebie on my Kindle called, The Girl with No Name by Diney Costeloe that peeked my interest and I started reading it. I've been reading classics all year, which was my goal, but I may either read both, switching between books or pick one and finish it, then finish the next.

What I'm Listening To
My washing machine going, the rain falling and my hubby dealing with our resident frog.. Ha, ha..

We had a frog in our basement, not sure how he got there and every time we'd hear him croak we'd go in the basement to see if we could find him, only to have him stop croaking. Finally this morning my hubby was in the basement, heard him.. and found him.. I think he just released him into the great outdoors. Hopefully he will not come back.

Something Frugal I've Done This Week
Found a few regularly used items on sale and stocked up, strained out another batch of vinegar orange homemade cleaner, brought coffee with us on our day in town to save $$$ instead of buying it.. I do love my Starbucks, but have decided it needs to be an occasional treat, not a weekly thing (we only buy coffee when we are there, not the drinks, but I'm shocked to see how much the coffee has gone up in price this year). And made excellent use of my leftovers. I challenge myself to see how little food waste I can have each week. The goal would be zero and some weeks I actually meet that goal.

Fitness and Health for the Week
I had a couple 6000 step days this week. I know as soon as I get my vision issues taken care of, walking will be much easier.

Continued to eat lots of fruits, veggies, and grains..

That is all for this week!


  1. I love my Starbucks too! I buy the big bags of beans (starbucks french roast) from costco when they are on sale. Then I grind and brew my own at home. I bought from Wal-Mart plastic travel mugs with lids ( they look like the paper cups you get when you buy coffee out) for about $3.00 and use them for the car or on walks. I like the way the coffee tastes from that type of cup rather than a big thermos type cup. Makes us feel like we've gone out for coffee but it costs just pennies in comparison. Love your Wednesday posts! -- Katie

    1. That is great Katie. I too have a reusable plastic coffee cup. I bought mine at Starbucks. So when we do homebrewed coffee and take it with us it does indeed make us feel like we've gone out for coffee.. :) and I love the cost as well!


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