Menu Monday!

Where did this month go? February ends and March begins and a new month of menus to plan.

Today I'm heading into town to run some errands so dinner tonight will be simple, lasagna from the freezer, french bread (also in the freezer) and a salad.

I'm trying to find ways to add more vegetables to our diet. I do add fresh veggies often with salads, but I wanted more variety with other veggies. So this week's menu is a reflection of trying to do this.

Baked Chicken
It will be simply baked chicken with spices on it. I'll be serving vegetable enchiladas with this. I plan on cooking up a variety of vegetables and spices and use this as the filling in corn tortillas, and topping with green enchilada sauce. I'm not using a recipe so I'll post this if it turns out, later this week. I'll have chips & salsa on the side.

Pot Roast
I'll make a pot roast in my Instant Pot with potatoes and cut up sweet potatoes. I'll serve garlic bread and a salad too.

Tuna Melts
Simply tuna mixed with mayo, put on toast, topped with cheese, and put under the broiler to melt. I found this recipe for cream of asparagus soup that I want to try, and serve with the tuna melts. I'll serve carrot sticks & ranch dressing on the side.

That should do it for the week!


  1. Looking forward to hearing your results of the vegetable enchiladas! Always enjoy reading your blog. CRystal, could you please give an update on your homemade dishwasher detergent. Many on that discussion have been watching for an update as have I.


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