Menu Monday!

Menu Monday!

Currently I still have family here. My niece and her hubby are visiting so I had my menu planned out ahead of time before they arrived. So far it's been smooth going with keeping every one fed. I've also had some of my children up here to see their cousin so it's been a busy house.

Last night I made meatballs with grape jelly & chili sauce, potato casserole and salad for dinner.

Here is what the rest of the week is looking like...

Kalua Pork
Made in the Instant Pot. I'll serve macaroni salad and broccoli with this meal.

Chicken Pot Pie
I'll make it easy by using drop biscuits on the top instead of making pie crust. I'll serve a salad with this.

I had this planned last week and never made it. So it will be a good one to serve for company. French bread and green beans will be served on the side.

Beef or chicken? Not sure yet. I'll serve with all the usual sides.

That should do it for the week for my main dish meals. Since I have company here for a couple more days I've also planned breakfast meals and lunch meals as well. Here is what I planned for those meals ..

~Crockpot sausage potato egg casserole, fruit, juice, yogurt
~Waffles, scrambled eggs, fruit, juice, yogurt
~Breakfast sandwiches, fruit, juice, yogurt

~Sub sandwiches, tomato soup
~Chicken bacon salad
~Baked bean soup


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