Family Time

I had such a busy week last week. My daughter Leanne, who is an English teacher in S. Korea, was coming home for a short one week vacation. Her biggest desire was to spend time with family. It had been a year since she was home. So I planned a family get together. I asked my daughter Emily if she and her hubby could come up from California for the weekend, and they did. My other local children and their families came. It was a big event. When you have a big family and they grow up and start families of their own and have husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends.. the number of people is pretty big! I had 25 people.. adults and children...

When the night ended and some went home, some stayed the night.. my husband and I looked at each other and were a little bit in awe of what we had started... LOL.. we both felt more than blessed by that day. The Bible says.. blessed is the man that has his quiver full.. and on the hard days, the stressful days, the difficult days, the times when you walk through storms with your children, the times you wonder where you went wrong, the times we stressed out as we watched our kids make choices that we did not approve of.. ... we often thought.. and the blessing is .. where?

The storms in life.. they do pass.. and while we were stressing about so many things.. the one thing we lose sight of.. God is there.. He is working.. He loves our children.. He is not letting go... and when the storm is over that is when we truly see GOD!

In the last 10 years I've shared a lot about my family. And I tend to share the positive, the good, the encouraging.. but life has not been all roses. We've dealt with pain, sadness, heartache. I choose to see God in all things, I choose to see His hand in our life and have chosen to keep some things private.

So.. as I share about the wonderful blessing of a day with my children, grandchildren, their families, their girlfriends, boyfriends, I don't take it lightly.. God sheds His blessings even when there has been grief, and sadness. So, yes, no matter what we may walk through.. Blessed is the man that has his quiverfull.. I see it now..

As my children, grandchildren and friends gathered at our home on Saturday... My husband and I were in awe... we looked at each other and said.. WOW.. who would have seen THIS! God's blessing.. Him bringing together so many people that started because we had this vision of family and were not afraid to have babies and live a life for Him. God is good... ALL the time.. never lose heart.. and never give up... because the blessings will come..

My Family...


  1. Crystal, thank you for those beautiful, encouraging, timely words. God is good!

    1. Life is real.. not all things go as we desired and hope they would.. it is a blessing to see that God is still there.. still with us.. through the good times and the not so good ones..

  2. I just stumbled across your blog and have read a bit. I am eager to read more. I have 4 children at home. We have always home-schooled, but this year our oldest 3 are in private Christian school. As I read, I thought, 'There is a woman that sounds somewhat on the same page as me." I am not on the computer often but am looking forward to sending time reading some of the material on your blog. Sincerely, Antonia


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