Menu Monday!

Last week was a busy week for me, and too busy to blog. This week I think it should be a bit better. :)

The menu went as planned, and having it planned out was very nice. Last week I mentioned the “Rub with Love” that I bought from Costco. I did use it on chicken breasts and I it was good. It was not strongly flavored, more mild. I sliced my chicken breasts in and put the rub on both sides and let it sit for about 15 minutes. I heated a frying pan, added coconut oil, and cooked the meat for about 4 to 5 minutes per side. The meal was super easy! I'm looking forward to trying it on salmon soon.

Today I'll start the week off with kielbasa cooked with cabbage, garlic roasted potatoes and green beans. It's one of my favorite comfort food meals.

The rest of the week looks like this...

Chicken Vegetable Soup
Chicken and veggies are sounding good this week. Not sure if I'll do my creamy chicken soup, chicken noodle soup (with added veggies) or try something new. We'll see how creative I feel when the time comes. I'll make biscuits to go along with this meal.

Pork Chops
I'll try the rub on the pork chops and bake them. Pasta with garlic & parmesan cheese, some home canned corn and a salad on the side will finish the meal.

It's been a while since I've made chili. A nice pot of chili on a cool winters evening sounds nice. I'll make corn muffins and a salad to go with this.

That should do it for the week!



  1. Hi, found your site the other day and thank goodness! Was very nervous, but determined about using my brand new pressure canner. Canned my first batch of meat spaghetti sauce today. It was easy-peasy! Your pics & easy dialog took away the nervousness. Oh, and they all sealed !!! Beef stew is next!
    "The difficult is done right away, the impossible takes a little longer."


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