Menu Monday!

This week is looking like it might be a bit busy. So my menu planning will reflect that. Quick meals that can be put together in no time.

Due to having kids over on the weekend I ended up making a chicken dish that was so good. I put 3 chicken breasts in my crockpot. Covered them with a sliced onion and a whole bunch of sliced mini sweet peppers and a can of spaghetti sauce (24oz). Let that cook all day, shredded the chicken up and served it over pasta. It was a hit! :)

Now for this week...

Meatball Subs
It's been a while since I made them. I use pre made frozen meatballs that I buy from Costco in the crockpot, cover with spaghetti sauce and cook on low for 4 or 5 hours. Serve in sub sandwich rolls along with coleslaw.

Baked Chicken Legs
I will either season them with lots of garlic, onions and salt and pepper or I'll put bbq sauce on them. Rice pilaf and a salad will be served on the side.

Fish Sticks
Fish sticks and tater tots is always a win at my house. I'll serve some green beans along with this.

Garlic Butter Chicken
Basically I'm going to make it the same way I make garlic butter shrimp, only I'll use cut chicken breast and serve it with angel hair pasta. A nice green salad on the side and maybe some garlic bread.

That should do it for my week...

Happy menu planning!! :)



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