Updates from the Homestead

I know it's been a bit since I've blogged. Life has been busy.

The first update is a very happy one!! My youngest son, Isaac, now has his drivers license!! And I'm finally able to say.. 8 down.. 0 to go! My job as a drive instructor.. is officially over. I could not be happier. Along with this milestone Isaac got a part time job. So the license came just in time. He started his new job yesterday and is doing great. Has already gotten compliments on what a hard, enthusiastic worker he is. He is excited about life. And I'm very happy for him.

My birthday was last week and hubby and I made an escape to the Oregon Coast for a few days. It was wonderful to take a break and just get away. Enjoyed relaxation, walks on the beach and some great seafood. We felt refreshed when we got back.

When I got home, I had the most wonderful surprise. People that know me, know that I have a love of all things tropical. I've always wanted a palm tree. But we live in the Northwest.. So, I figured maybe one day I'd get an artificial palm tree. But, my kids (bless their sweet, kind hearts) did their research and found a cold blooded palm tree that thrives in our climate (is that cool or what??? :) … so all of my kids chipped in and bought me one for my birthday. I could not have felt more blessed.. I almost cried when I came home from my trip and saw it.. I have amazing children!! Now I'm trying to figure out the best spot for it.. and get it planted as soon as possible.. so it can grow!! A gift that will bless me for years to come.

Then a couple days after we got home my daughter Emily and her hubby Brandon came for a visit from California. They moved to CA in December. I've really missed them, as they would come often to spend the weekends with us. So it was a huge bright spot in our week. My son Richard came and we had a great family visit and bbq on their last night.

Now that so much activity is behind me, I'm hoping to get back to blogging.. I do miss it when I am not here.. but love my family time..


  1. Congrats to your son. I will be starting at home drivers ed first part of this summer. What fun to go the the coast and spend some time! I wanna!

    Do you know the name of that particular tree? We can't grow palms in Oklahoma either, and I sure want one.

    1. Jamie, the palm tree is a Windmill Palm.. and my best to you as you teach your son to drive!! I sooo wish I could have done the drivers ed class portion at home.. our state does not accept it.. :/ it would have made it easier!!

  2. Happy late birthday! I love your palm tree! I'm so glad that you got to spend some time with a couple of your children. Precious time indeed.

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes!! Yes, it was very precious!! <3

    2. Thanks for the reply! I'm gonna look it up. Yes, thankfully we can do it in our state. The closest drivers ed is 30 plus miles away.

  3. You made me laugh with the driving thing.I think I sigh relief each time one passes on, then pray for no accidents afterwards.


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