Monday Blues

I've seen a lot on the internet about how if you are not happy with your current situation, then YOU can change it!!!! To a point agree with this type of sentiment. If you are dealing with emotional issues, living in an unhealthy situation and so on, then yes.. change is up to you.

Recently I read an article on “Monday Blues”. You know, that sinking feeling on Sunday night that tomorrow you will be back at it again and the weekend is over. I think we all deal with this to some degree or another. So I was eager to read this article and see what the authors thoughts and solution was to it.

His solution was to get a new life, find a job or profession that you love. Wow, for a Christian author I think I was little surprised.

Sometimes in life it is not a reality that things can be changed just because you want them to be. Life, especially as you get older, can often times be complex.

When it comes to dealing with “Monday Blues” I think there is a healthier way to deal it. A better focus than, getting a new life or a change in jobs. I realize that sometimes that is a solution for some.

My hubby and I have gone through our own 'monday blues' from time to time. Who doesn't? My hubby has his Monday on Thursday.. we've had plenty of “Thursday Blues” . But we've come to the conclusion that how we view life has a lot to do with our minds.. not necessarily reality.

Here is our story. My hubby went to school to be an aircraft mechanic. It was a 2 year program. We had a baby. We paid for the schooling with grants. We sustained ourselves by working as apartment managers. We got our rent free and had a small salary that provided groceries and paid the utilities.

By the time he finished school we had another baby and no money. Our job ended and we moved in with my husbands father. I went to work as a CNA for a nursing home. My hubby searched for work. It was tough times for us. He got a job at a local airlines working as a temp. It was not full time. I took my kids to my fathers who would babysit them while I worked. Hubby worked his job. Finally still as a temp the hours picked up but the stress level was high. I quit my job and we got a rental house. He finally got hired full time.

We were SOOO incredibly thankful when he was hired full time!! Finally we had a job we could count on, income we could use to get back on our feet. And we had baby #3.

Now, fast forward 28 years and 8 kids later... he still works for the same airlines. He has seniority, he makes comfortable money. But yet, every Wednesday we know that tomorrow brings Thursday.. his “Monday”... and we are back at it again. After this many years, even a job you like gets old... very old sometimes.

So according to this article.. you just find a new life!!!! Really? We have a home, we have children, we have lives here. We have grandchildren. Do you really just decide it's time to find fulfillment somewhere else?

No, I don't think so. What you find is thankfulness and contentment. Nothing has really changed in the last 28 years. We still need his job, we are still thankful, maybe even more so in today's world, that he has had a steady job for 28 years with no layoffs.

What we tire of, as I suspect with most people, is what I call the mouse wheel.. you get on it and keep walking and it just goes around and around and around with no end in sight.  It is true that there may be better opportunities out there, but weigh decisons carefully.   Leaving one mouse wheel to jump into another may not really solved your issues.  

What I've come to believe is that Monday (or Thursday ;) is a heart issue. It is a contentment issue.. it is a constant reminder to ourselves to be thankful for God's provisions. That we can learn to be content and walk into Monday morning with that same thankfulness that we had 28 years ago when we had nothing and rejoiced when he went to work on Monday... 

Embrace Monday..  thank God for it..  and reach for contentment with what God has provided for you.  


  1. This is a good post. I've seen that advice before or my favorite is about people-if you have negative people in your life or ones that drag you down, etc., move them out of your life. How does that work if it's a family member? It really does come down to your heart and how you deal with things.
    But I think that if you can make a change and it is for the better then you should do it. Especially if it will better your life or your quality of life. Something that should be thought through and prayed about tho.

    1. Patty, I;ve seen the ones on people too.. and had the same thoughts.. how do you deal with this if it's family!

      And I totally agree with you... If you can make a change and it is for the better.. with thought and prayer.. you should do it.

  2. Crystal,
    As you said we all hit that Monday blues from time to time, even those of us who are empty nesters and retired, but being happy and getting past it is easier when we are thankful to God for all His blessings. My Mom always told me that things could be better, but they could also be worse so be thankful for all God blesses you with and use it to His glory.
    God bless, Marsha

    1. Marsha, I truly believe that thankfulness to God can change our outlook on SO many negative things in life.. I've always felt that we are to use what we have, where God has us... and yes, to His glory.. :)

  3. Hi Crystal,
    Thank you for this wonderful, well written article! I agree 100%! God bless you!

  4. Enjoyed reading this; and I agree with you. I found your blog a few years ago and you have encouraged me to find contentment in my own life. I have found that I enjoy the "homestead" life. I have used your recipe for homemade laundry soap and many other homemade recipes. Many people may look at me like I'm nuts when they find out I make many things at home instead of buying them, but I don't care! I enjoy it!

    1. Love hearing these things... thank you for your comment!! Learning contentment makes life much more enjoyable!

  5. You and your husband sound like me and my husband...except we only have two kids :). He works north of Seattle and getting close to retirement. He has put in 26 + years with four more to go. We have blue Mondays too but we also have three day weekends due to his schedule 4/10's. We are hoping to go 3/12's. We are waiting for that day in 48 short months we can retire to our own 25 acres and build a sturdy well insulated small home, garden, enjoy the lake (in summer months) and just enjoy the time with each other, our children and grandchild.

    1. Tracy, Sounds very similar (my hubby also has 3 day weekends and that is a blessing for sure)! My hubby is also getting close to retirement, but we still have a few kids to get on their own first! :D .. We are both looking forward to more time with each other and our children and grandchildren..

  6. Very well said Crystal!
    Blessings, Aimee


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