Getting Fit in the 50's!

I'm still walking. Last week I walked 10 miles in total. May not seem like a lot to some but for me it has been a great thing. Normally I walk in my 'neighborhood'.. But for the past couple of weeks my daughter Hannah and I have been getting together to walk, with the grandkids, once a week. As long as the weather continues to hold out we plan to make this a regular occurrence.

It has been so fun to get together with her and the kids and be outdoors and active. She brings a stroller for the younger ones, but her oldest daughter has no problems with 2+ mile walk. And since I'm not into “power walking” .. that distance has been great for all of us.

We live in a beautiful area and the walking trails are everywhere. So we plan to pick a new area each week and check it out.

Walking is amazing and easy to do, it is free, and fun. I truly believe that just getting outdoors and moving makes a person feel so good. The outdoors is wonderful therapy for everyone. The grandchildren love getting out and Hannah loves the fact that by bedtime they are worn out and exhausted and ready for a good nights sleep.

I encourage you if you feel like you need to exercise just simply walk. It does not have to be far, it does not have to be fast. When I started I had one goal.. just move.. very simple, very easy. Your strength will grow. I've seen that so much in the last few months. And you will feel amazing, not just physically but mentally as well as you get out and enjoy the world around you.

Here are a few pics for our walks in the last couple of weeks...

We live in the Northwest.. it is Big Foot territory..  where it all started.  The park we were at for our walk has gone all out on this.  They have these Big Foot carvings everywhere.  My granddaughters could not resist getting their picture taken with them!! 



  1. Hello Crystal,
    So sorry I've not written for awhile. I've been with you since the mid '00's. What on earth do you call that? ~smile~

    My grandma is 92. I saw her in the nursing home this week. She's not been able to walk for a few days. She's planning how she's going to get strong enough to walk again. She's always looking to improve. That's why she only quit dancing about 3 years ago!

    Blessings to you!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. feeling so inspired by your 'walking' post. As soon as my horrid flu disappears I will start daily walks and take better notice of the world around me. x


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