Weekly Cleaning List: Update on Homemaking Challenge for September

OK.. this is my ideal schedule. With summer and other things I’ve not kept up with this and seem to be always be behind the curve. My desire is to hit these areas in my home on a regular basis, at regular days.. again!! :) … So far this week, I’ve been keeping up. It really, most days, does not take that much time to do this. Especially when I compare it to what it was like for me years ago!!

I’ll keep you posted this month on how it’s going for me. Hope you are getting your cleaning schedule worked out this month too!

Clutter pick up
Sweep kitchen floor
Clean off counters in kitchen
Clean out fridge to make room for grocery shopping (I shop on Monday)

Go through the house hitting each room and dealing with the basics
Kitchen: sweep, mop, wipe out microwave, clean off counters, wipe down fronts of cupboard doors and drawers
Living room: clean up piles of clutter, dust, and vacuum
Dining room: clear out table and chairs, sweep & mop, clean up clutter ‘hot’ spots (where mail collects and kids leave all their stuff)
Laundry Room (which is also my pantry): clear off counter, reorganize pantry shelves as needed, wipe down washer and dryer, sweep and mop floor
Bathroom: give it a good overall cleaning
Bedrooms: vacuum, dust, pick up, etc..

Community laundry: such as bathroom towels, kitchen towels, cleaning rags, cloth napkins.. my kids do their own laundry
Pick one room to do a deeper cleaning and organizing in

Keep up on basics

Laundry day for my and hubby’s clothes
Clean bathroom - just the basics:  clean out the sink, tub, toilet, sweep the floor, shake out the rug
Sort and organize recycling
Vacuum and wash both sets of stairs (one to the upstairs and the one to the basement)
Vacuum living room carpet and throw rugs in the hallway
Kitchen: sweep & mop floor, wipe out microwave, wipe down fronts of appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, stove)
Upstairs: my kids all have their bedrooms upstairs, so I check weekly to make sure it’s not a disaster up there.. ha, ha!! :) and then have them deal with it on Saturday, if I see any issues

General: clutter pick up, keep the kitchen clean, floors swept as needed

Not a whole lot of cleaning gets done on Sunday. I plan my weekly menu, I prepare my grocery list for Monday, clean up clutter, keep the kitchen clean, make sure the kids get their laundry done and are ready for their work week..



  1. Oh my crystal I got tired just reading this... A very inspiring post thanks for it blessings joann

  2. I wish I could be home to follow a schedule. I try in the evenings to do certain things but something always comes up.

  3. Looks good! I'm like Joyful. I wish I could be home more, and then, something always "comes up"! I have a 9-hour part-time job which turns into more like 15 hours. It's getting frustrating to say I'm a stay-at-home mom when I am not at home much anymore. My last child at home is 14, and in public school, but she still needs me at home more, even when she's not there.

    The house has gotten extremely cluttery. It's very frustrating. However, I am putting together another cleaning routine list. It is helpful just to write down my thoughts and plans.

  4. I work 40 hours a week and have a disabled husband I try to take care of. I also teach a Bible study on Tuesday morning before I go to work. Keeping my house clean is hard! I have clutter everywhere! But I like your schedule. I am going to try to make a workable one for myself. Maybe I'll be able to keep on top of things if I see it written down.


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