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When you are online a lot you meet a lot of people.  Some friends become lifelong true friends.  I have one of those super special friends.  I met her many years ago on my message board.  She had two little boys and was just beginning to homeschool.  We became good friends and since then have chatted many times on the phone and had the opportunity to meet in person a few times.  Her hubby & her and boys came to a homeschool convention in Vancouver Wa a few years ago and they came to meet me for the first time..  Erica also made (Facebook) friends with several of my children who love her as much as I do.. When my daughter Emily got married she invited Erica and her family to her wedding in California and they came.  That was our second time meeting in person.  This last week her family was vacationing in Washington and came to our home on their way home to California.  They spent the night with us and I invited my family to come out and we had a bbq and a lot of fun time together! 
The internet has been amazing as Erica and I have said..  if it were not for the internet, her and I would never have met!!  Here are some pics of our time together...
The 4 of us...
Fun at the pond...
Our evening BBQ and visiting...
Erica & Emily...
Erica and me...
More family...
Our boys playing cards..
It was a super fun visit..  the next morning we enjoyed a leisurely pace, had coffee and breakfast.  I made cinnamon rolls, breakfast casseroles, and yogurt and fruit...  they headed on their way home and we all promised we would plan another visit soon!! 


  1. That is so awesome Crystal, thank you for sharing. I love your homestead!

    Lisa in PA

  2. Boy, everything looks so nice where you live. Your time with your family and friends was very cool. How do you like the cooler temps today? I am enjoying it but I don't want it to stay too long.

    Debbi (from Vancouver)

    1. Ha! The cooler temps were nice today.. it's raining now.. not sure I'm ready for that to start! LOL... 9 to 10 months of rain a year is more than enough! :) .. So if we have some more nice warm days.. I will not complain!! :D

  3. That is wonderful land you have a beautiful place. Nancy

  4. I used to live up the Gorge. Beautiful area. Thank you for sharing the photos. Makes me miss living there...


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