Motivation and Inspiration

Do you ever struggle with these? I think we all do. Maybe for me it is my changing season of life. I see my purpose in life shifting… moving, changing. Some days I lack motivation. Some days I lack inspiration. I’ve prayed about this, seen answers to my prayers and know God has a plan for me. God is good all the time!! He has a plan for all of us. It may not be children anymore, but it is something amazing. I’ve spent a life time dedicated to my children and raising them. As that has begun to wane for me I still see them needing me but not in the way they have needed me in the past. I’m fine with that as quite honestly I’m tired! I’m ready for a slight change in purpose. ~smile~

If you are expecting answers to it all, I apologize as this blog will not answer those questions. But God can and will. Life is about seasons. Life is about fulfilling God’s purpose in our life. I have faith as these years change that He will continue to show me the path He has planned for me.

In the meantime I was watching a YouTube video and was incredibly inspired by this woman. Not because I see her mission in life, my mission… no, I don’t .. but what I see in her is passion. I see motivation. I see her inspired. My prayer after watching this amazing video was… Lord, give me this passion for the next mission in life you have planned for me.

May this video be a blessing to you as well. She is an amazing woman…. God bless everything she is doing…


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