Spring from the Homestead

Spring is in full force in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve had plenty of rainy days, which is normal for us, and the temps are warming up and that means everything is growing and turning green. It can be a big job to keep our property under control. This last week we’ve had a string of sunny dry days and my hubby and boys have been working on lots of mowing and property maintenance.

I went out yesterday and took a few shots from around our property and as you can see there is a lot of green everywhere, with bits of color here and there..…

Our pond is fed by 2 springs and has a drain that allows us to lower the level of the pond when we need to take care of anything… as we are currently doing. The first job my hubby did after lowering the level of the pond was to replace the boards on the dock..

The drain for the pond is under the dock and we access the drain below the dock. Part of the dock lifts up to allow access. For right now, my son just reached down under and grabbed a few sticks that were blocking the drain…

Having the level of the pond down also revealed the steps my hubby made many years ago. And currently he is replacing one of the boards on the top stair …

My goats were also out and about enjoying the sunshine….

That is all from the homestead for now, hope you are enjoying spring as well!!



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