Homemaking Challenge for April!!

We are a week into April and I’m just now getting this month’s challenge up! Life has been very busy for me lately. So here we go for the challenge..

This month my focus is on spring cleaning. However, since I started this challenge back in January I’ve accomplished things that would normally have been done this time of year. But that is great and the whole purpose of my monthly challenges is to be able to do small things all year long rather than be overwhelmed with numerous items all at once. It has also been the goal to attack areas of the home that often not really seen and therefore can get neglected.


For April’s challenge I have 3 items to knock off my list…

1. Clean light covers on my overhead lights. As I’m having more sunny days and the light shines in I see way more dust on the hanging lights and covers than I care to.

2. Vacuum dust bunnies in the corners of the house and ceiling. And move living room furniture away from walls and vacuum behind and under them. Also vacuum couch/furniture cushions.

3. Wash windows. Dirty windows are just one more item that have appeared when the sunlight comes through the windows.. ha, ha!!

This is one challenge that would be very difficult to take before and after pics of.. so I’ll pass on that this month.

Also, my bathroom challenge continues onward and will be done soon! I will update you on the progress when it’s finished.

So who is with me for this month’s challenge? :) ..
Happy spring cleaning!!


We Can Do This Girls!!



  1. I'm in! I, too, need to pull the furniture out and vacuum. Also, it's window washing time again. :)

  2. I'm working on it too! I have yet to get one room totally finished, but I've marked some things off the list in several rooms. I did already wash the windows in my back door, but that's all so far. So much to do yet!

  3. I'm with you again ;) I have some painting planned for later this month, so getting things pulled away from walls and overhead lights would be a good thing to do, too!


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