Homemaking Challenge for February!

So how did you all do with January’s challenge? I hope you were able to make progress! I’m ready to tackle another project that is kind of an “out of sight, out of mind” type project. That is the reason I procrastinate on it so much.

February’s Challenge: Cleaning out the fridge and freezer

In my case I have 2 refrigerators and 3 freezers… crazy I know. But with raising as many kids as I have we needed them. Right now I am still using all 3 freezers. But my needs are not what they use to be. So my goal for this month is to sort through the freezers, defrost them and clean them, make an inventory list of food I need to use up and see if I can organize the freezers better so I can reduce to 2. The added motivation for me is that the extra freezer will be given to my daughter Hannah who can use it much more than I can.

Here is a peek of the condition of my current freezers:

Time to roll up my sleeves and get this project done!

And of course cleaning out the fridge. Should be something I do on a regular planned basis and if you are a person that cleans your fridge on a schedule, I am truly impressed. I tend to put this job off much longer than I should. And I need to start planning this job on a regular timed interval.

So my poll question (the first poll question I've ever done on my blog.. so hopefully this will work :) ) to you is this:

How often do you give your fridge a good cleaning?
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  1. You are very fortunate to have that many fridges and freezers! I wish I could store food like that. We have a pretty small space but got the biggest fridge/freezer combo we could and it's served us well. I clean my fridge at least once a month. My freezer I reorganize fairly often, but it's rare that I unplug it, defrost it, and clean it. When the power goes out (and that happens frequently here, by the beach) is usually the time that I take advantage of cleaning the whole freezer.

  2. I clean the refrigerator on a regular basis usually before I go to the grocery store. But I don't do the same with my freezer. It is a chest freezer and I should do better about cleaning out out and organzing because things get lost so easily in there. I just cleaned it out on Saturday though and I am going to make more of an effort this year to clean it and organize it monthly this year so I don't lose track of what is in there. Good luck!!

  3. Great challenge. While my fridge gets a decent clean out twice a month on grocery shopping day, the deep freezer is a scary place with strange old things lurking in there! Ha....

    I suppose it's time to face this mess! :)

  4. This is one challenge that needs to be done! I should have a scheduled time to clean out our fridge and freezer. I stay on top of it as best as I can, but not as often as I like or should.
    I still have some of your lists for what's in the freezer. I think from your Homemaking ebook? My big freezer downstairs is fairly organized. My fridge.....well, that's a different story, ha ha!
    I'll be joining you this February for this challenge as well :)
    Blessings! Jamie

  5. YAY! A challenge I can say that I can skip! Woo-hoo. My refridgerator and freezer compartment are super organized. & My deep-freezer is EMPTY because I had a contractor 'forget' to plug it back in...had to toss all that food out about 2 weeks ago.

    Ila from He Has MS

  6. I actually did make progress on the January challenge - a large closet and two chest of drawers that needed cleaning out/organizing. You wouldn't think that should take a whole month of work but it did ;)

    I just did my refrigerator and freezer and the chest freezer is very full right now, but I think I'll make it a priority to keep the fridge done once a month!

  7. I've got a jump on this one. This is my goal for 2014, make my freezers work for me, not me work for them by paying for them to run 24/7/365. They are only temporary holding spaces, until I preserve by canning, or can fit it all in the regular freezer. I shut off the upright in the middle of January, and until I made a meat run the other day, all that was left in the chest freezer was a few veggies, fat to be rendered, and goats milk for soap on the next warm day or in case of emergency with new kids coming in March/April. We had to bottle feed a doe last year, her mother just would not nurse her, so I made sure to have a leg up on that. We are in NE TX and 1 day of power outage in the summer could mean total loss of freezer contents, so I'm finding other ways to store food, that and I almost had a complete break down 2 years ago in the garden, it was July and I was picking peas and had planned on freezing them. The thought of all that sweat being lost due to one bad driver knocking down a pole out here in the country drove me to start drying peas and beans when I could, and canning the rest. Then I started canning meat, makes it easier on busy days to have a head start on dinner. The fridge gets cleaned out regularly, I have two human garbage disposals I mean teenagers living at home. We try to wipe it once a week.


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