Homemaking Challenge for February Update!


We’ve had a winter storm hit our area so it has taken my attention as of late. However I was finally able to get moving on my project. As of right now I have one freezer cleaned out, defrosted, wiped clean and food back in it.

It went from this…

To this…

To this..

I still have more organizing to do in that freezer as I clean out the other 2 and more items are added.

The 2nd freezer is now empty and those items are in the 3rd freezer and it has been turned off and is defrosting.

I found several bags of veggies that I have saved for using to make veggie broth. Most of them were from my garden last year. I currently have those veggies as well as some from my fridge that I needed to use up simmering on the stove and will can my broth tomorrow.

I also found a lot of miscellaneous items such as bags of veggies, small bags of precooked soups, meat that had gotten lost and fallen to the bottom of the freezer. My menu plan may change somewhat this week as I work to use up some of these foods. I’m certain that freezer clean out needs to be done a couple times of year!

If you’re joining me on this homemaking challenge, how is going for you?
We Can Do This Girls!!


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