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I’ve so enjoyed the last few days!! A friend of my daughters’ from France came to visit. She is currently working in the US and wanted to visit us and see another state while she is here. I love the way Marie met my daughters’, Emily & Leanne. Years ago (back in the Homestead Blogger days for those of you who have been long time readers) Marie’s mother contacted me wondering if her daughter could be pen pals with my girls as they were about the same ages. My girls enthusiastically said yes and the friendship began. Over the years the girls have kept in contact through emails, facebook, postcards and such.

Marie, who speaks English just amazingly, is here doing an internship teaching French to American children at a French school in the Midwest. She had a few days off and wrote to see if she could come and visit and we said, of course!! We were all disappointed that Leanne could not be here. But Sierra and I picked her up from the airport and took her Starbucks (when she told us she LOVED Starbucks we knew right away she would fit in just fine.. ;) ) and so our fun and adventure with her began. We had a great time visiting, getting to know each other better, learning about France, talking about many varied topics, watching movies, enjoying meals together and coffee in the morning together. All in all it was a very fun visit. She left yesterday afternoon to spend the rest of the weekend with Emily & Brandon to see the sights of the city.  It was a lovely visit and she is a lovely girl with a beautiful heart!! She seemed to fit right in like family. I’m always amazed at the relationships that can be made online. This one has certainly been a blessing to my girls as well as our family!

Here is a pic of Marie and I that Sierra took at the airport right after we picked her up…


The countdown begins!! Leanne will be home in 6 weeks!! We are sooo excited. She will have been gone one year and two weeks… She is ready and eager to come home and be with family once again.

Fall in our Part of the World

I thought I’d finish off this post with a few photos of fall in our area. My daughter Sierra took a walk around our property and down the road to the river and took a few pics of the beautiful fall colors and sights. I hope you enjoy them!



  1. The fall pictures are beautiful.

  2. Lovely pictures! What a beautiful part of the world you live in! I have never been to the PNW but hope to some day. I like your bangs, Crystal! Great photos Sierra!


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