Soup Week: Crockpot Hamburger Veggie Soup


This is an easy, hearty and delicious soup to make for a cool fall day. I’ve made it many times. I have the recipe posted on my website and will share the link. I made it yesterday and it was nice to get it into the crockpot early in the day. I spent the rest of the day finishing up all my fall cleaning projects and dinner was simply making a quick salad and serving the soup with some rice crackers.

The recipe uses cream of mushroom soup. I rarely use cream of anything soup, but on the few occasions I do I use the organic brand, Pacific. The ingredients are good and it adds a lot of flavor to this soup. If you don’t want to use it, you can skip it. Or you can make your own white sauce or your own homemade version of cream soup instead.

One change I made from the original recipe was to us my own veggie stock in place of the water and bullion called for in the recipe.


  1. Looks delicious! I made leftover pot roast soup yesterday with some cornbread. My family enjoyed it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend~

  2. On this foggy, cold day soup sounds fabulous! LOVE your new header photo collage:)
    Blessings, Aimee

    1. Thanks Aimee, the photos were all taken by my daughter Sierra.. :)


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