Fall Cleaning List

Do you do a yearly fall cleaning?  How is it going if you do?  I typically like to attack the cobwebs, dust and such from weeks of open windows and do some reorganizing of shelves, drawers, cupboards.  It’s always a nice feeling to get the house cleaned up from summer and prepare for the holidays.  I started a list this week and slowly been working on it as time permits.  I’m hoping today to make more headway on it.  I have my chicken soup simmering on the stove, the laundry humming away,  and dinner will be simple so I don’t have to worry about it and can keep on tackling the cleaning jobs.  

Wipe down cupboards
Clean out inside of drawers and cupboards, as needed
Wipe down counter tops
Clean stove top, wash vent cover and screen

Laundry room/Pantry:
Reorganize shelves
Go through shoe tote and clean out summer shoes
Move buckets (I keep my bulk goods in buckets with gamma seal lids in my laundry room) and sweep/wash floor
Dust shelves

Dining room:
Dust and wipe down hutch
Wipe spots on walls
Vacuum cobwebs
Wash floor

Go through drawers in vanity and reorganize
Wash down corners & edges of walls and floor
Go through small storage closet and reorganize
Do thorough cleaning, wash shower curtain, wash bathroom tile

Wash all throw rugs
Sweep/mop hallway floors
Wipe down walls and vacuum cobwebs
Remove light fixtures and wash

Vacuum/wash stairs
Vacuum floors & cobwebs
Reorganize closets as needed
Dust/vacuum/wash windows in my daughter Leanne’s room (she will be home in a few weeks and I want her room ready for her)
Kids to wash their bedroom windows, get out winter blankets and go through summer clothes and pack away to make room for winter clothes


  1. I power wash all the cement around the house. Any bit of moisture makes it a big yuck walking inside and with dogs it's bad enough they come in with mucky paws.

  2. I can't say as I do a fall clean, but you sure have inspired me to do one this year!
    Thank you,

  3. I am doing it this year. I want to sort through all our clothes and get rid of the excess (or figure out a way to reuse them).

  4. I do 'Flylady' so I try to tackle deep cleaning every month. I don't always succeed but that is the goal. I'm so happy fall is here so I can turn my attention to indoors.

  5. I sure can use some motivation in this area... Your to do list would be good for me to go by!

  6. We started ours a few weeks ago and we are almost finished. The windows are the last big hold out.


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