Canning Spaghetti Sauce and a Day with my Daughter & Grandbabies

I had a great day this last week making and canning spaghetti sauce with my daughter Hannah. I’ve not done a lot of canning this year. It’s been a busy, stressful year for me. If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know that back in January I was hospitalized for a staph infection in my right hand. I had a small cut that caused me major amounts of pain and recovery time. I never knew just how intricate and complicated the hand was until this happened. Who would have known that an infection and a couple weeks of not being able to use my hand would end up with months of physical therapy and recovery and as of today I still do not have complete use of my hand (mostly my middle two fingers). And I may never regain full use but what I do have I’m learning to work with; all that to say, I chose not to plant my usual huge garden. I kept it small because I was not sure what I would be able to do. I did plant several tomato plants. And they are coming ripe now.

I had enough tomatoes to make a batch of spaghetti sauce. I called my daughter Hannah and asked if she wanted to bring the babies and come and help me make spaghetti sauce and can a few jars. She was all over it.

She came in the morning and we began cutting up tomatoes and veggies and simmering spaghetti sauce. I tell you it was such a blessing this year to spend a day with my daughter doing something productive together and spending time with my grandchildren than the actual jars spaghetti sauce was. It is just a change in the experiences for me this year. Canning for me has always been about the jars I had ready for our winter. As life has changed and our needs at home have changed comes a different blessing. I sent jars of sauce home with her and still have a few jars us.

You can find my spaghetti sauce recipe here:

Sierra took a few pics of our day…
Our 20#'s of tomatoes:

The sauce simmering away..

My granddaughter Elizabeth, sweet and loving and such a good girl!!

My granddaughter Rylee.. little miss peanut butter & jelly face.. :) with a bigger than life amount of energy and personality packed into the sweetest little girl…

And my loveable, squeezable, kissable little grandson, Will.. I just can’t get enough time holding and loving on this little guy…

A few jars of sauce (we ended up with 10quarts altogether.. Sierra was being creative with the pic :) )…

A beautiful day on my homestead… Moms if you have little ones .. treasure those days, they become very different days all too soon.. Every season of life is filled to brim with God’s blessings!!



  1. Sweet post . My days with little ones are gone too. I have teenagers. My mother just said the other day they will be gone in no time. :(

  2. I made spaghetti sauce this summer, too! With 30# of tomatoes, I made 24 pints of sauce. I am trying to make up a lot of convience foods this year for my little guy and myself. Life is so stressful for me, raising my grandson and working full time. I love your blog and have canned a bunch of other foods, like the beef stew and chicken noodless soup. Also really admire your lifestyle. BTW, I live in Washington state also.


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