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I’ve had a lot going on this past week, which is why there have been no new posts! I have few quiet moments today and thought I’d give an update.

One of the big changes in our lives is that we will be taking in my 80 year old father in law to live with us. He is currently living in an independent living retirement community and it has become more than obvious that he needs more care and daily attention. He is failing physically and not as “with it” mentally any more. It has been a big decision for us. Both my husband and I felt we did not want to put him in an assisted living facility and after much prayer and discussion decided we would have him move in with us. We know it will be a challenge to adjust to a new routine with him, but we feel this is what the Lord wants from us right now.

My husband is currently taking time off work to make preparations for this. We’ve cleaned and painted the room he will be using, made some changes in our bathroom to accommodate him (hand rails and such) and painted the bathroom as well. 

The other day we had a carpet cleaning guy come in and clean the bedroom carpet and I had him clean the living room carpet while he was here. The morning he was coming we moved all the furniture into the dining room/sunroom area. And my hubby looked at all the work that needed to be done in the living room and decided to jump into this project as well. A few summers back he had replaced the siding outside and replaced the living room windows. He was able to get the inside wall insulated and dry wall up but that was as far as he was able to go, life was pulling him in other directions. We also had another wall that needed drywall as well. This last week he has put the drywall up and he is currently working on getting the room ready to paint. Next week we should have it all back together and ready to move my father in law in.

I’ve been taking pictures of the living room project and will post the before and after pictures soon!

With all the upheaval in my home and having my hubby home all the time, blogging time has been scarce! However on the flip side we have been enjoying a lot of family time and that has been a huge blessing. My blogging may be a bit sparse as we make these changes in our life.



  1. Life goes on. This is a kind of bitter-sweet time for you, I'm sure. Sad to see your fil in this condition, and happy to be able in every way to care for him yourselves. Thanks for posting this encouraging entry. I'll be praying for you as you and your fil make this transition.

  2. Oh wow. It's a big thing you're doing. And it's one of those things....that only get harder over time. How far is the restroom from the bedroom? You may consider putting a hospital type porto-potty in his bedroom if he can't get to the restroom quickly and easily in the night. Several waterproof pads for the bed may come in handy eventually. Taking care of an aging parent is a huge gift of love and dedication, but it is also a big sacrifice and hardship. Good luck. I hope it is a smooth transition.

  3. I feel that you have made a great decision with having your father-in-law move in with you. We really need to get back to a time where the kids take care of the parents when they need it. We are looking into a multi-family house that has a small apartment that is connect to the mail house of the person living in it has there own space but still close to the family. We have had my oldest son move back in with us and are working on getting his kids here too. Really this is becoming the new normal for families.

  4. What a wonderful, God honoring decision you have made. My mom has spent her life serving others: she raised my brother and I alone, cared for my step-dad as he was dying, and now she is caring for my Grandmom (her mom) who has dementia. I have seen first hand the mixed emotions, the sacrifice and the blessing it all is. You and your family will be on my daily prayer list as you enter this new season in life.
    Blessings to you,

  5. My husband and I decided to take my mother out of a assisted living house 3 years ago and move her in with us. We honest believe she had the best years with us and our family till her passing last summer. She enjoyed family birthdays, holidays and see her grandchildren and great grandchildren on a daily basic instead of the visit they rarely made.
    Prayer and positive thoughts for your family.

  6. How sad that he can no longer live independantly but how wonderful to have such a loving family to take you in and love and care for you.
    Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  7. Last year we moved my 86 year old grandmother in with us. It has been a real hard adjustment. As much as I love her I never thought it would be so hard. She acts like a child most of the time. I have to remember that it is the dementia that is taking over and I must remember that when I start to feel frustrated. I will be praying that your transition goes well and he adjusts to the changes easily. We are called to honor our parents, care for the sick, widowed, and orphans. God Bless!


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