Our Living Room Project

Finishing the living room was not really in our plans… but we had our carpets cleaned and my hubby decided he had the time to work on this before we moved my father in law in with us. We had one wall that was drywall only. He had replaced the windows and replaced the siding on the outside a few years ago and then life started pulling him in several different directions and he just did not have a chance to get back to the project.

As for the second wall (the one with just studs showing)… it had been a walk way between the sunroom and living room when we moved in. He walled it up on the sunroom side and planned to get the living room side done soon.. and same story as above, life just pulled him along and he was not able to get back to it. The rest of the wall was covered in paneling that we had painted long ago. So the paneling came down and dry wall went up. And the rest of the room was cleaned & painted.

Here is what the room looked like before….

And what it looks like now…

He still needs to get trim around the windows and we have some mini blinds to hang (so technically the project is not completely done yet..  ;) . Hopefully that will happen soon! :) .. for now our attention has turned to cleaning out my father in laws apartment and getting him moved in over the next few days.


  1. It looks great. I am sure you are thrilled to have it done at least almost!

  2. Crystal,
    Your living room looks beautiful--love it! I know how remodeling can be...we've been working on this house, off and on, for the entire time we've lived here:)

  3. Just beautiful, and the decorating is so very nice too!

  4. Love it! Especially the pics over the couch!!!!

  5. Crystal,
    I just love your new living room. It looks so cozy and homey. Tobin did a great job.

    Love ya friend,

  6. Thank you all for your sweet comments!! Crystal :)

  7. Beautiful livingroom Crystal!! I too, like the pictures you have hung above the couch.


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