Busyness, Birthdays & Easter Dinner Plans

It has been very busy here in my home lately (hence my lack of blogging). This week we moved my 80 year old father in law into our home. It has been chaotic and we are currently all adjusting to new routines and getting him settled.

Earlier in the month my son Isaac celebrated his 15th birthday. Hard to believe my 8th child (the baby :) is 15!! The years just fly by too quickly. We had a fun little birthday celebration….

Then we started in on packing all of my father in laws belongings up and moving all but what he essentially needed daily. My birthday was Monday and my sweet hubby whisked me off to the Oregon Coast for an overnight getaway. It was the “calm before the storm” ~smile~ We came home on Tuesday and officially moved Grandpa in on Wednesday.

And as if Wednesday was not hectic enough for us my mama goat delivered her new little kid.. such a cutie!! A sweet little doe… still need to name her…

Now my focus has turned to a family Easter Dinner celebration. It will also be a “Welcome Grandpa” day as well. He has not seen many of the grandchildren in quite some time and it has been a long time since he has seen his great grandchildren. We also have Tobin’s brother and his wife coming as well as a good family friend. It should be a busy fun filled day for our family. Tomorrow I will do much of the cooking ahead of time for the dinner and color some Easter eggs with help from Sierra & Isaac. Should be a fun day of preparations.

Here is what I have planned for my family dinner…

Stuffed cabbage rolls
Green salad
Green Beans
Potato salad
Dinner rolls
Fresh pineapple & strawberries
Dessert: not sure yet.. my daughter Hannah is bringing dessert

I pray you all have a blessed Easter Sunday!!



  1. Sounds like an awesome dinner my friend.

    Love the new little one. So cute!!! Pool the grand kids perhaps they can help you name her. ❤

    Best of luck and all my well wishes

    Love ya ❤❤

  2. Life's been full for you. :-)

    Dinner sounds wonderful. Enjoy your Easter!

  3. Hope you had a great b day break away Crystal! ;) Blessings on the new season u and the family are starting!


  4. Happy (slightly late) Birthday to you Crystal! I am glad you had some special time away:)
    Your new goat baby is SO cute--I can hardly wait to see what you name her.
    PS: Yes, they DO grow up way too fast...kids and grandkids both.


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