T’was the Week Before Christmas..

… or should I say the day before the day before Christmas.. ha, ha.. wow this week is flying by and has been busy (the reason for my lack of blogging).. We also had a little unexpected snow storm.. wreaked some havoc for a bit but did make things look so pretty…

As for Christmas preps… I have made food ahead of time and it is in the freezer, lots of gifts have been wrapped but still I have more to wrap. With as many family members as I have it still equals a lot to assemble and wrap! My daughter Sierra has been so much help this year! She loves to wrap gifts and so she has helped me to get much done.

I’ve been cooking and baking too. Here is my Christmas Eve menu:

BBQ meatballs
Brussel sprout salad
Spinach salad
Potato Casserole
Dinner rolls
Cookies for dessert

So far I’ve made Cranberry Bliss Bars (using this recipe: http://www.food.com/recipe/cranberry-bliss-bars-starbucks-copycat-203229 )

I also have my lasagna and meatballs all made and all of these items are in the freezer. Today Sierra and I will be making Hershey Kiss cookies and sugar cookies. Tomorrow I will assemble the rest of the meal and take the frozen foods out of the freezer.

My family will be here on Monday evening for our Christmas. I am sad that Leanne and my daughter Carolyn and her family will not be here. Leanne is in S. Korea and Carolyn and family moved to Kentucky last month. I do believe it will be awhile before I have everyone together at the same time again. I am thankful for the family that will be here. Most of my children (other than Hannah and her family) will be spending the night and we will enjoy Christmas Day together as well.

Now it’s time to turn on some Christmas music and head to the kitchen to finish up the baking!!



  1. Gosh, I wish I enjoyed the holidays like that.

  2. Beautiful picture of your farm !! Lucky you to have the snow around Christmas. Unique holiday menu ! I bet you cook what the kids like to eat. We do that as well. Hope all have a Merry Christmas !

    1. Stefanie.. I make foods (and lots of them) that are easy to reheat on Christmas day.. I don't cook on Christmas day.. just enjoy the family.. :D .. and yes, they are foods my family enjoys.. :) HOpe you and your family have a Merry Christmas as well!!!! Crystal :)


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