This Week’s Menu


Just when I thought it was all going to settle down life was a bit hectic last week. SO.. now I’ll try my hand at our menu for 4 this week and see how it goes.. :)

Spaghetti, salad buffet, french bread – I have some leftover spaghetti from last week in the freezer and I plan to use it up. But it is not enough to make a full meal from. So I am adding a salad to the meal similar to a chef’s salad or a buffet type salad.. here’s how: Sierra is going to sauté up some onions and garlic in olive oil and then drain a pint jar of my home canned chicken, chop it up a bit and add this to the onions and garlic .. when it is all browned up then it will be used to top our salads.. I will also have other salad toppers like grated cheese, sliced olives, chopped nuts, chopped hard boiled eggs, 3 bean salad, etc.. and homemade ranch dressing ..

Crustless ham and veggie pot pie with biscuit topper (similar to this recipe HERE only I’m using leftover ham from last week), salad

Parmesan chicken, dinner rolls, garlic roasted brussel sprouts, salad


Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, salad

Navy bean and ham soup, crackers, salad



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