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I am beginning my journey into cooking for 4 people.. instead of a big house full..  I suspect more nights of leftovers as I work to adjust my mindset to what it takes to feed a smaller group.  As I said to a friend..  who knew you could make spaghetti with less than 3 pounds of hamburger!!  :)  That was the norm for feeding adults and big teenage appetites.  Of course Thanksgiving is this week as well and I'll be serving up a big meal to family and friends on that day..  So here goes my journey and this week’s menu…

Veggie Soup with mini- meatballs ( I am making a few adjustments to the recipe link, one is I am using this recipe to make the meatballs:   and I am using my own homemade stock instead of water and bouillon cubes), bread of some sort, salad

Leftovers..  soup is one of those meals you don’t mind eating again. 

Sandwiches and tomato soup..  I will be cooking all day in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner so I wanted something simple.  I make the tomato soup according to the recipe only making it with my own home canned tomato puree. 

Thanksgiving Dinner!!  Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, dinner rolls, salad, pumpkin pies (I'll be sharing my favorite recipes in the next blog post)

Sierra’s birthday!  Sushi (her favorite, purchased from Costco), pot stickers and a few other Asian type foods and maybe a small pizza for those that are not fans of sushi (is it possible that there are people who are not fans of sushi??!!  ;)

Leftover thanksgiving dinner

Black bean soup, crackers, salad



  1. Oh, I so know what you are going through. There are days I can cook for six and then days for two or three. We have a lot more leftovers now as I learn to adjust.

    Have a wonderful day.



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