One Week

I’m sitting here in my quiet house this morning trying to wrap my mind around the fact that Leanne will be leaving for S. Korea in one week! The time is going by too quickly. I am very happy for her as she is so excited for this adventure to begin in her life.

I’m a little sad to see my sweet daughter leave and know she will be gone for a year. It seems like a long time (and I'm ever so thankful for Skype.. :). I remember when Emily left for Denmark and I remember when my oldest son headed off to Iraq for a 15 month deployment (and when he left for Cuba for a 12 month deployment). It seems like such a long road ahead when it begins. One thing I remember is that life does move forward and time goes by faster than we realize. Before I know it the seasons will change and we will be here at this time of year again welcoming her home.

For now the adventure is just beginning and I have been busy helping her get many last minute needed things checked off her list before she has to leave. My blogging may be spotty for another week or so until life settles down again…



  1. The wedding sounds just lovely! Wish them the best as they start out.

    (We're making your pepperoni bread tonight to transport to a dinner tomorrow night. Thanks again for all the sharing you do.)

  2. What an adventure for your daughter! I can sure understand your apprehension. Good luck to Leanne and congratulations on the wedding of Emily! I don't often comment here but read your blog regularly. Thanks for writing such a great blog!

  3. That's my granddaughter's goal. S. Korea to teach English. She also loves their music. She's just 15 and this may change but she says not.
    Love your blog. Thanks. Going to try to can some chicken thighs and possibly some beef. Thank you again.


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