The Wedding!

Wow!! What an experience for our family! Tobin and I and our two daughters Leanne and Sierra flew down to Sacramento, CA on Friday. Our sons and my sister in law Debbie and her daughter (our niece) Megan drove down.

On Friday night we all enjoyed a BBQ at Brandon’s parents’ home, meeting many of his family members and friends. It was a fun time.

On Saturday morning we had the wedding ceremony at Brandon’s parents’ home. It was attended by close family and a few friends. Brandon is Vietnamese and we experienced a traditional Vietnamese wedding. It was very beautiful and a whole different cultural experience for our family. Then on Saturday evening we had the reception. Again, it was full of culture and a glimpse into this amazing family. We were awe struck by the love, devotion and honor to family and the support and encouragement that we saw among the many family members and friends who attended the reception. There was a 10 course Asian meal served that was absolutely delicious! Followed by much dancing and fun.

On Sunday it was time to head home. My boys and my sister in law got an early start (it was a 10 to 12 hour drive for them). The girls and Tobin and I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at our hotel and then caught our afternoon flight back home. It was an exciting, blessed whirlwind weekend!

Many, many pictures were taken that day by a couple of great photographers. I got a few but nothing as nice as theirs, I just don't have the official wedding pictures yet.  But I wanted to share a little look into our special day with you. My daughter Sierra got in on the photography action as well and these are a few of the pictures she took (except for the first one, that is only one I have so far of Emily in her traditional Vietnamese wedding dress) …  I hope to share a few more when the official pictures come my way..

Leanne & Isaac (my ballroom dancers) did a dance special...



  1. What a beautiful way to start their marriage, by honoring her husbands heritage!

  2. She looks beautiful and they look so happy together.

  3. wonderful experience, and a fantastic family. Your website and blog have served me well over the years and given me the support and guidance I have needed in being a Mummy, thank you x

  4. Beautiful!! Can't wait to see more pictures!!!!!

  5. Congratulations and blessings to the newlyweds!

  6. Crystal,
    What a beautiful wedding. Oh my, Emily is gorgeous!!
    I know you are so happy for them and feeling blessed.
    Love ya friend,

  7. Congrats and blessings to the happy couple.


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