This Week’s Menu

Split pea soup (made in the crockpot), pepperoni bread, salad
Crockpot Bbq Beef (from freezer) over brown rice, salad
Beef veggie soup (using my canned beef stew, home canned green beans and veggie stock), biscuits, salad
Chili bean soup, tortilla chips & salsa, salad
Salmon patties, cheesy brown rice , salad

I thought I’d share my breakfast & lunch menus this week.  I roughly plan ideas for these meals and don’t follow a weekly schedule like I do with dinner.  Sometimes the kids eat toast w/peanut butter and a glass of milk or make a smoothie or something easy for breakfast.  Usually I keep breakfast a simple as possible through most of the week.  

Lunch is often leftovers or something creative made from the leftovers if there is not enough leftovers to go around.  Or I’ll make up some soup (typically something very simple and quick) or serve sandwiches and fruit.  Again, lunch does not follow a schedule. 
Breakfast Menu
Breakfast apple crisp
Cheese omelets and toast, oranges
Coffee cake & sausage patties, oranges
Fruit smoothies & scrambled eggs
Oatmeal muffins, apple slices
Lunch Menu
Egg salad sandwiches & apples
Homemade tomato soup, crackers
PB & J sandwiches & fruit
Mexican bean soup, tortilla chips & salsa


  1. I appreciate you taking the time to post your menu for the week! It helps stimulate my creativity to see what someone else is having!

  2. You do so well with your menus and meals, Crystal. You are very inspirational to me. It is an area that I often struggle with, so I truly thank you for all of your posts!


    1. Lyn, when you have to come up with 3 meals a day for 8 kids you quickly learn it has to be a planned day! LOL.. And I still plan with 5 kids at home who eat a lot of food! :D

      Crystal :)

  3. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your website. I recently came across your blog, and thought, I recognize this lady! I found your a couple years ago when wanting to learn how to make yogurt, and really learned a ton of stuff I never knew! Thanks a bunch from NM!


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