Homestead Moments

This morning I woke up to a chilly house and got a fire going to warm the house. When it was light enough to see outside I noticed snow on the top of the hills across the way. Soon I heard my daughter Emily get up. And she came and joined me in the living room. We enjoyed a wonderful cup of coffee together and some awesome chat time. My daughter Leanne then joined us as well.

I find these times with my daughters such a treat. Emily is 21 and Leanne is 20 and both have busy lives working and socializing, coming and going. So when we do have a moment where our schedules meet together it is a time to discuss so many things; issues in life, work, friends, family and more. As my children are growing up and moving on with their own lives these moments we spend together are special indeed.


  1. I love this, it just makes me want to brew some coffee and snuggle up with my kiddos on the couch, although mine aren't as old as yours yet. I am so thankful you have the chance to spend such time with your daughters, what a blessing.

    1. Hi Rashel.. yes it is certainly a blessing!! :)


  2. Oh my heart feels so full! I love it when these moments come around. Our oldest is a 20 yo full time college student, part time employee, full time friend and daughter. She isn't home much during our waking hours and when she is I just want to sit and listen to her tell me all that is going on in her beautiful life. Bless you as you share these moments...{{hugs}}

    1. Aww.. I know just how you feel.. that feeling of wanting to soak up all the time with your daughter.. That is how I feel with mine and I also so love to hear about their lives.. I like how you called your daughter a full time friend .. That I believe is the beauty of grown children.. they will always be our children but as they grown and mature they become our true and trusted friend as well..

      Crystal :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I can only imagine waking up to seeing snow.

    I am however quiet happy that its not soo hot here at the moment.

    Mostly mothers are so busy doing a few tasks at a time that moments like these are even more special.

  4. Ever changing motherhood and making adjustments to your children's growing up. It makes me happy and sad at the same time. Ah, parenthood!

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  6. I really love to cherish the sweet moments and I have had a ton of them today! It a great day to be alive at the Harrod House.

  7. Hello, I am so thankful for your post and all you show and teach other women including my self. My husband and I are truly blessed with two young men and its so nice having coffee with them or lunch. People are so shocked when my guys come around and open the door for me or pull out my chair or order or pay for my meal, Is this so unreal today. When our young men leave our house I want them to be able to take great care with whoever GOD chooses for their lives.My guys are 24yrs and 20 and two months. hehe we always have to add the months.


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