McMom's Breakfast Sandwiches for the Freezer

I promised in February’s newsletter I would be posting a tutorial on making McMom’s Breakfast Sandwiches for the freezer.. and here it is!

My kids really love these sandwiches and I love the fact they make a quick and easy, no mess, no fuss breakfast. When I make them I make 24 at a time. Costco sells English muffins , 12 to a package and I buy two packages. But you can make less if you would like or more if you want to! :)

Ingredients for 24 breakfast sandwiches:

20 eggs
2 ½ (or so) lbs. sausage
24 English muffins
12 slices cheddar cheese (I use real cheese, not American cheese)

I begin by cracking 20 eggs into a bowl and scrambling them up…

I spray an 11x15 inch pan with non stick spray and pour the eggs into the pan….

I bake them at 350 for about 25 minutes or until the eggs are cooked and the center of them is set. When they come out of the oven I cut them into 24 squares.

While the eggs are cooking I slice up the sausage..

I slice up 24 pieces of sausage and put them on a jelly rolls pan. When the eggs come out of the oven I put the sausage in (keeping the temps the same) and bake them for 20 minutes…

While the eggs and sausage are baking I prepare the cheese by folding it in half and then in half again so I have 4 quarters. I use 2 pieces for each sandwich…

To make each sandwich I begin by lightly toasting my English muffins and spreading them with butter. I lay two pieces of cheese on each half…

I continue toasting and buttering my English muffins. I lay one square of egg on the top of the cheese….

And then one piece of cooked sausage…

And then put the top piece on…

I continue this process until I have finished all of my sandwiches. I put them on a tray as I work..

When they are all done it is time to wrap them in plastic wrap…

After they are all wrapped I store them in gallon size zip bags (which I save and reuse for the next batch of breakfast sandwiches).. in the freezer…

When it is time to eat one for breakfast my kids warm them up in the microwave. With our microwave it takes about one minute. After 30 seconds the sandwiches need to be opened up to make sure the egg is defrosted and heated up. I had someone email and ask me if these could be heated up in a toaster oven. I have never done this but I don’t see why not. Remove the plastic wrap of course and then heat them up. Having never done this I cant say what would be the right temp, you will just have to experiment. AND.. if anyone does experiment and figures out the right temp and time.. please let me know! I would love to be able to share this..

Hope you enjoy!! :)


  1. How super cool is this :) :) :) We don't have a microwave in our home, so I'd have to adjust this slightly...but I don't see why I couldn't freeze the sausage slices and have the muffins ready to pull out of the freezer and toast etc. Does that make sense? This is great. My dad will love this. We make these ty pes of sandwiches OFTEN in our home :) :)

    We would cut the English muffins in half and then put them back in the bag, then in the freezer. That way we could just grab a half a muffin, if that's what we needed :) :)

    Thans for this really good recipe!!! LOVE it :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. I have done this several times, but the eggs started turning green! Any ideas? I've just been doing sausage biscuits lately, but we are going to experiment with making homemade bagels and english muffins soon. I have also been freezing hash brown breakfast casseroles. So easy to put a couple together. Set out overnight and pop in the oven for a wholesome breakfast.

    1. To keep the eggs from turning green, use a bit of lemon juice in the egg mixture. :)

  3. Hi Anita, I have never had the eggs turn green.. Is this when the bake or after they have been frozen and defrosted.. either way, I am not sure what would cause this. Maybe someone else will have some experience with this.

  4. Anita.. my curiosity got the best of me so I googled to find out what would cause the eggs to turn green and what I read said that the eggs are being cooked at to high of a temp and being held at that temp for too long of a time. I cook mine at 350 for about 25 minutes and have never had this happen.. hope this helps!

  5. What a wonderful idea. I am always on the hunt for new and exciting breakfast ideas! Love it!!

  6. This will be GREAT for some young men that come visit over the summer, to help in the hayfield. I'm not always home when they come in for a break and they are always hungry. Thanx!!!

  7. Love it! Putting it on the list of things to do Sunday. Added a link to your blog here on my blog to share with friends!

  8. I absolutely LOVE this idea!!! Thank you so much for sharing it:)

  9. What a wonderful idea. I will need to make these for my hubby to take to work for his breakfast! Thank you Ann

  10. What a great idea! I think I will be making these this weekend for the week! Thank you again for a great recipe!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm going to make these for my husband. He loves these.

  12. I am going to try these for bkfst. we are getting tired of the other quick options.Thank you ,Crystal

  13. I wonder why you couldn't do the same thing with biscuits. That is my family's favorite. Thanks for the idea. Will save me much time. Actually, I may try setting one out to thaw and see if maybe they could be put in lunchboxes.

  14. I LOVE the Mc muffin frozen sandwich idea!! I'll be doing this soon. Thanks for sharing.
    (Frugalmomntraining from your message board)

  15. I tried making these in the past and they were a hit. I like your version though. I can see where it would save time and money. It would be perfect for my college student to grab and go.

  16. I made these tonight and my husband says they're way better than McD's, kids are happy, and I have some breakfasts' made ahead of time, yay!

    My eggs did turn a little green. Will add 1/4 t. of lemon juice as advised on another website.

    Thanks again, Crystal.

    Michelle Wood
    Holland, MI

  17. Yea Michelle!! Glad your hubby liked them (I know mine sure does!) and your kids too! and that you have some in the freezer! Thanks for letting me know! :)

  18. What a wonderful idea...I have found a breakfast burrito recipe that you make ahead and freeze as well...LOVE it that the kids can go to the freezer and grab one and pop it in and enjoy :O)

    THANKS for all your ideas...they will make my job/life alot more productive.

    Dawn from Maine

  19. I plan on trying this with our family. We haven't eaten sausage in a long time because of the nitrates, but saw you were using 'natural'. Thanks for showing me a new product. I'm not crazy about the sugar in the ingredients list of the sausage, but it still seems SO much better than the normal stuff.

  20. I am a new reader to your blog but have read your website for a long time.

    I love your tips, ideas and recipes!!!

  21. Wow, that is such an awesome idea!! Thank you so much for posting this! I will definitely be trying this out.

  22. Thank you for this awesome recipe, we love them. I just wanted to share that I didn't have enough eggs (only had 15), so I added some milk to the eggs when scrambling them and they came out just fine. Just thought I would share in case someone else runs into the same problem some day.

  23. Wow this is an amazing idea!!!! I dont always have time in the morning to make the kids a full breakfast. These they can throw them in the microwave & have a yummy hot breakfast. Thank you so much. I love food blogs like these, that make "real" food, for real people. =)

  24. I had the idea of making homemade bkfst sandwiches to throw in the freezer before the start of school. I googled to see other ppl's versions & their trial and errors w/it and your blog came up. My only real question was if I should toast the bread ( I have english muffins, croissants & bagels) prior to putting them in the freezer or not. You cleared all that up beautifully so thanks.
    My only question is about the green eggs, is it b/c they are being baked?? I bought this awesome mini 1 egg frying pan for mine, and while yes it is VERY time consuming to fry 1 at a time, they look terrific and perfectly round. Yes I'm sort of anal about appearance haha.

  25. Wow, Fantastic article, it’s so helpful to me, and your blog is very good,I’ve learned a lot from your blog here, Keep on going, my friend, I will keep an eye on it,

  26. Just what i have been looking for. I make breakfast sandwiches for my co-workers alot as a fund raiser. This will save me time and money. Thank you.

  27. If you want round eggs, bake them in a muffin stone. I've done that several times with great success. I usually just crack them right into the muffin stone and then if I want to I beat them a little individually in the cup. I've also beaten them before I pour them in.

  28. For healthier version use a slice of canadian bacon instead of sausage, and you don't have to cook it!

  29. My hubby is out of town for the weekend, so I'm getting ready for next week. Just made a dozen of them...Left off the sausage and just did egg and cheese as trying to be as healthy as possible...that and its the middle of the night and I didn't have any sausage thawed out. McD's you ain't got nothing on me! Thanks for the recipe!

  30. I work 4 -10 hour days and have no time to cook during the week. So I have decided to start loading up our freezer with quick things for meals. My husband has been buying the Delite Jimmy Dean sandwiches for 4.99 a box. I just made 20 of these for .73 cents each. I used Canadian Bacon on mine. I will be making these again. Thank you!

  31. Awesome :D
    I will try this for my family. Thanks so much for sharing your Idea.
    Best regards from germany


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