How Often in a Week Do You…..

.. do certain basic chores? For instance how often do you mop your kitchen floor, or clean the bathroom or vacuum carpets, or dust, etc.. ? I think the frequency of how often these chores are done and the amount of people you have living in a house go hand in hand. On my daily chore lists I do some basic chores a LOT!! Not because I am such a “clean nick” but because of use. For instance we clean our bathroom every day. We have one bathroom in our old farm house and at one time had up to 10 people using it. Nowadays there are 6 of us using it daily. And at the end of each day it shows its wear. But I do remember, many years ago, that cleaning my bathroom was a once a week job! LOL..

Dusting is another area that I do often. The other day I was vacuuming my lamp shades to get the dust off of them in my living room and thought about this. When I lived in the city I honestly did not know the meaning of the word “dust”. It was something I did every now again as it was needed. After I moved to the country it was a whole different game.

In the city I had central heating which means air was being pulled in from the house through the furnace filter and thereby catching a lot of dust. Also in the city I was surrounded by concrete: my driveway, the sidewalk, even in the back yard I had a large concrete area that my kids would play on and there was not near as much dirt being brought into the house. Out here in the country everything around me is dirt with some grass. Or for a large part of my year it is mud (thanks to our 75 to 100 inches of rain each year). We track in a ton of it. It equals a lot of dust in the house. Plus we heat with wood. Our wood furnace is in the basement, but it still creates a fair amount of dust throughout the house.

I could go on and on here.. ~smile~ but I am curious as to how often you do basic maintenance chores?

How often do you:

Sweep/mop the kitchen floor?
Vacuum carpets?
Clean the bathroom?


  1. Well, I am the mom of 10, with 9 still living at home. We currently vacuum at least once a day, sometimes we do the family room twice. The bathrooms get cleaned every day. We have 2, and mine gets cleaned on a rotating schedule. Mirrors on Monday, toilet on Tuesday, etc. The other one gets a good cleaning every day.
    We mop the kitchen once or twice a week, but we sweep a couple times a day...after breakfast and usually after supper.
    Laundry runs every day. Sheets get changed when I rememeber. I used to be a clean sheet nazi, and changed everybody's sheets once a week. Just don't have time for that anymore.
    We also pull out the family room furniture and vacuum under it every single Saturday. A lot of junk gets shoved under there! We live out in the country, so we have to dust a lot as well.
    And I too remember the days of once a week vacuuming, once a month dusting, and actually relaxing once in a while!!

  2. We vacuum at least 2 times a week, there are only 3 of us here now, but the two dogs shed constantly. Sweeping and mopping gets done when I can't stand it any more. Dusting is when it gets bad enough that I notice it.

  3. I live in an old 1930's home in cold northern Maine and it has one bathroom. We are a family of three and one on the way. With a dog that sheds badly and two cats, vacumming at least twice a week is a must. I sweep and mop twice a week also. The bathroom gets done twice a week. Dusting gets done twice a week. Laundry is done when needed. I have a large wooden table in my cellar. Every day I take down the family hamper from the bathrrom and sort the clothes on the cellar table. When I have enough for a load of a certain color, I do a load. I pick one room a week to organize and wash down with Murphy's Oil Soap. That way I never have to do spring and fall cleaning. I used to work full time as a nurse and now that I am a happy homemaker, I run my home on a tight schedule.

  4. just a commment on country dust, we lived in the country on a dirt road and heated our house house with a wood stove. Dust was such a problem. If I had time, I would of dusted and mopped twice a day and still would of had dust.
    Those fancy Country Living magazines with the glossy photos never mention the dust and dirt, do they?

    I live in town now, just hubby and me and the dog. 2 grandbabies do "daycare" here.
    bathrooms get cleaned once weekly
    floors at least twice weekly, maybe 3 times
    dust - maybe every 2 weeks

  5. We are a household of 6... 2 adults, 1 four year and old and triplet 1 year olds (oh and a very grouchy dog)... The kitchen gets swept a few times a week, spot cleaned daily and mopped every other week or so (more often when needed)!
    My downstairs, carpeted area should be vacuumed twice a week, but I'm lucky to get it done once a week... for some reason everytime I pull the thing out, there are 3 creatures crawling on top of it, or pulling the toys I just picked up out again (and I refuse to vacuum when they are in bed)!
    I dust once a week and clean the bathroom once a week (the sink and toilet get spot treatments throughout the week)...
    On top of those nice little chores, we have no dishwasher, so there are lots of dishes to be done and we cloth diaper... so there is a lot of laundry!!!

  6. I live in the country too. I clean the bathroom,once a week. I don't vacuume, because we have laminate floors,I mop sometimes once a week. There are two in our household,myself and hubby. Iam following your blog, you are welcome to follow mine as well. Blessings jane

  7. Suburbian lady here with three children and two dogs at home, and we homeschool so we are here all the time.
    *I sweep the kitchen floor every other day, wet swiffer it once a month
    *vacuum twice a week
    *clean the bathroom daily, toilets 2x a week
    *dust once a month, not because it only needs it once a month but I really dislike dusting and so put it off as long as possible.

  8. Hi Crystal,
    We are a family of 5 (3 kids and 2 adults) and most of the time my husband is away for work (military). I feel like I have to do a deep cleaning daily so I was glad to hear that I was not the only one. I have tile floors with a big rug in the livingroom. I vacuum the rug roughly twice a week. I sweep the floors daily and I should mop daily but it happens every few days. Dusting happens whenever I can get the clutter off of the item that needs to be dusted lol. We have two bathrooms but only use one so that gets cleaned up daily especially with the kids being so young. Dishes and laundry are a constant thing around here. I have a dishwasher but it does not work well at all so I don't use it. We live in military housing so it is not like I can just purchase a new one so I have learned to be content doing dishes by hand.
    Sarah L.

  9. Our nest is empty now, it's just me and the DH. I do the usual once a week, and also work on the deep cleaning on an ongoing basis. It works out just fine for us.

  10. I'm gonna skip out on sharing how often I clean my house---I'm a young married woman living with my husband in a country home in NC. I have enjoyed slacking off as far as cleaning goes but recently have realized that it needs to pick up a bit. This blog is helpful--thanks again for that...I've been reading your website and blog for over a year now. My question is (and you may have previously addressed it) what cleaning products do you use (mainly bathroom, mopping liquid, etc)? I thought you might use homemade products or strictly Borax. Please share if you can. Thanks:)!


  11. I will be honest and say "I" clean once a week. My 3 girls have daily chores that keep the house picked up, swept, dishes and laundry kept up, etc. On the weekends I give it a good once over.

  12. I have enjoyed reading about everyone's cleaning habits - it's good to see what others are doing. I vacuum the playroom every 2 days - it sees a lot of traffic. I vacuum every other room once weekly. I have been on a dusting binge - finding real doozies all over after a long winter - but I don't do it regularly. I have to clean the toilet area 3-4 times a week as I have two little boys who, let's say, need some target practice. LOL. Always love your blog Crystal, thanks for all you do. Jenny

  13. City girl with no kiddos here, living with a contractor husband and two hairy doggies! I rarely mop the kitchen floor, but it's about 90% covered by a rug which gets vacuumed about every other day, and washed about 2-3 times a month. Carpets are the same - they get vacuumed about every other day, what with all of the construction dust my husband tracks in and the yard yuck that the pups track in. Dusting I can get away with doing a little less frequently, but it still needs doing about twice a week, or it really shows. The bathroom is 'swished' just about every day, with a deep cleaning (i.e.: toothbrush scrubbing) every other week or so.

    It's been so interesting to read others' cleaning habits and see how much they vary based on our geography and stages of life!

  14. my carpets get done , almost every day;along with my furniture. I have a kitty who sheds a lot who leaves fur behind ! the bathroom gets a run through before we leave for work .Kitchen is done every night .We tend to be messy cooks.

  15. I know I don't clean nearly as often as I should! I have a full time job, 2 young kids, 30 chickens,6 turkeys, 4 indoor cats, 3 outdoor cats, and a Great Dane indoor dog! I live out in the country off the beaten path. Our back yard is 70 % dirt.I can't keep this place clean, no matter what I do and I don't have the money to hire a maid. I do what I can and make a good effort but seems it's all in vain. Anyone else in my boat?


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