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Well I think I have enough weddings for awhile!    My friend Sarah’s son Aaron was married yesterday. The wedding was beautiful!  I am so happy for Aaron and his new wife.. she is just the sweetest nicest young lady.   

I was going to be a helper in the kitchen during the reception.  The lady in charge of kitchen organization and all the food for the reception got sick that morning with the flu..  Sarah called (a bit in a panic) and asked if I could handle that job.. “sure”.. I said..    Well..  let me tell you.. there were about 140 people there  (maybe more) and it was a sit down dinner that we served.  I had some helpers in the kitchen to dish up plates and my girls and a couple more girls from Sarah’s church did the serving..  but that still left me in the kitchen the whole time.. coffee making, punch making as it ran out, dishes to wash (thankfully the church we were using had a commercial dishwasher that washed a load of dishes in less than 2 minutes..  I will have to say one thing..  I want one of those.. LOL!!!  )..  None the less it was a huge undertaking to just walk into.. and be in charge of..  whew..  I spent the whole day on my feet with no time for breaks..  But, I will have to say that Sarah was so thankful..  and I was so thankful to be able to help her out in a real time of need..  But now it is back to my regularly scheduled programming, sore feet and all, and I am very happy about moving on!!  

As we near the end of January I am always excited..  I think that spring will not be far off!  January is my least liked month of the year and it always seems sooo long.  One thing about both of these weddings is that it has made the month go by quickly!  This is also the half way point of our school year.  So far, despite all the busyness the kids are on track and will be at the half way point in their books by end of the month.  That always gets the kids excited too..  Summer break is just that much closer. 

I have also been working on one of my New Year goals.. making soap!  I got 30lbs made so far, and still have that much and maybe more to go.  So this week I will be gearing up for another 30lb batch of soap.                      

Well that is all the updates for this Sunday evening..  I will be back this week with more “Trim the Budget” posts!!   Hope you have a great evening on your homestead! 


  1. Wow......What a friend! Will you come to N.Y and help with my daughters wedding....It's in August? Just joking! Really though, you're a true friend......Teresa from Red Maple Roost

  2. Wow ,that made my feet hurt just reading it! What a wonderful gift to the bride! =) I always enjoy reading your blog.


  3. I believe God always blesses us when we help others. Good friends are hard to find. I can't wait for more trim the budgets recipes. God Bless.

  4. I am tired just thinking about it. What a wonderful friend you are to jump in and help like that. I bet you are one tired momma today.

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  5. I'd love to see the recipe for your soap making. It's something I've always wanted to do and felt more than a little overwhelmed by.

  6. Crystal,

    Thank you for sharing about helping Sarah with the wedding. What a blessing to have a good friend like you. I'm sure you're tired, but know that your heart must be singing for the wonderful gift you gave to Sarah and her family.

    Have a great week.

    Please post your frugal tips when you get a chance.


    Lynne in NC


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