Happy Birthday to Jacob!!


Yesterday we celebrated my son Jacob’s birthday. Jacob is my 6th child and second boy.  He turned 16 years old.  The years just move by so quickly and I find it amazing to remember my sweet little baby boy who is now growing up into a wonderful, responsible young man. We are very proud of him!  

Jacob enjoyed a sleep over at our house over the weekend with a couple of his good friends. And yesterday we had pizza and cake and ice cream for his celebration.  Richard and Doneza came and so did Grandpa.  It was a very enjoyable evening and here are a few pics to share…





  1. Happy Birthday! My son will be 16 this July. Time is flying by :O(

    Crispe ;o)

  2. What a fine looking young man. I love to celebrate my son's birthday (he'll be 15 soon) not only to make his day special but also to thank God for my son and another safe and healthy year. It's hard to watch our babies grow up but watching each year fly by is a blessing as well. You are truly blessed with all of your children!

  3. Happy Birthday Jacob!!!!!

  4. My boy will be 3 years in March and to imagine how I will feel on his 16th birthday is dizzying! Happy Birthday to your son and thank you for sharing your family's homesteading adventures. I'm a big fan! Homesteading Homemaker in Hermiston, Shannon


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