Budget Minded: Homemade Floor Cleaner


Part of my grocery budget includes non food items such as plastic wrap, foil, zip baggies, cat food, and cleaners. So looking for ways to save on some of these items is a help.  I have found that making my own cleaners is quick, easy and a real budget saver.   

Here is how I make floor cleaner… 

I start with a ½ cup of vinegar…


Add one gallon of water…


A couple drops of essential oil of your choice is optional, but does add a nice scent…


All this plus a little elbow grease equals one clean kitchen floor!

I have more homemade cleaner recipes on my website HERE..



  1. I have not made very many home cleaners and am interested! Does it save you quite a bit of money? usually the cleaner I buy the most of is Bleach. What would you recommend for window cleaner?

  2. Could you share where you buy your Essential oils? I have never bought these and always wanted to try making my cleaners. Is this the same place you get the sents for your laundry detergent?

    Lovely Day!


  3. I use this same cleaner! I put lavender or tangerine in my cleaner :O)

    Crispe ;o)

  4. Thansk for sharing the recipe!! I was just thinking about looking up a recipe for this yesterday. Good timing!! LOL

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  5. Hi Crystal, Merilee (2kidsmom from the board) here. It was so cool to see the bottle of essential oil--that company is in Logan, UT where I grew up and where my parents still live!


  6. Just curious. Is this cleaner a good choice for wood floors? We live in an old farmhouse and put a lot of work into restoring the floors. I usually use Murphy's Oil Soap but am always looking for less expensive choices. Thanks for the recipes. I love trying new things. Especially those that save us money.

  7. I LOVE using vinegar to clean - not only do I use it on my floors, but also fill a downey ball for the laundry. I make my own soap and have never had a build up problem yet. the smell goes away when the clothes are dry, no static and nicely rinsed clothes.

    For window cleaner I fill a spray bottle (not one that has held a comercial cleaner or cleaner with amonia) half with vinegar, half warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Give a little shake and go to town. The dish soap will help cut the waxy build up from comercial window cleaners.


  8. I love vinegar. I use it for many things. Even sometimes to run my dishwasher.


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