Well my tomatoes just keep coming!  Every time I go out I end up with another 8 or 10 pounds of them.  I am thinking about now that the first freeze we get will come as a relief and I can put the garden to bed! LOL..  but in the meantime I am taking advantage of the abundance.   I recently have been making salsa.  I normally only make lacto fermented salsa, but there are only so many gallons I can make and keep of that so I decided to make some for canning.  My friend Leah Hillman shared her recipe with me and I tried it.  I have to say we all just loved it!  I have tried a few salsa recipes for canning in the past and to me they either taste of vinegar to much or are to watery..  but that was not the case for this salsa.    

Here is the recipe she shared with me… 

Salsa for Canning…   

10 lbs tomatoes, chopped
6 medium onions, chopped
3 cups bell peppers (any kind), chopped
12 jalapeno peppers, chopped and seeded
5 chili peppers, chopped and seeded (this will make it spicy or milder, depending on the peppers you choose)
10 cloves garlic, minced
1/3 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
1 1/3 cups white vinegar
1/4 cup salt
2 tsp pepper
2 tsp cayenne pepper
2 tsp cumin
2 tbsp lime juice
3 cans tomato paste (the bigger cans, not the tiny ones)

Combine all ingredients except tomato paste in a large stock pot.  Simmer approximately 40 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Add tomato paste and mix well.  Simmer another 20 minutes or so.  At this point, I take out about half of the salsa, blend it smooth in the blender and then return it to the pot, but you can leave it chunky if you prefer.  Ladle into hot jars leaving 1/4" headspace.  Cap and process 15 minutes in a water bath canner.  Remove jars and let cool.

This recipe makes approximately 15 pints.

The original recipe also called for 1/4 cup brown sugar and 1/4 cup white sugar, so if you like your salsa sweeter, add this in.

Thank you Leah for sharing this!!

I did not add the sugar to mine.  In total I ended up making 25 pint jars of salsa!! 


  1. Your jarred salsa is so pretty!!!

  2. Gracious! you are so blessed in your garden! The canning looks wonderful!

  3. I have been looking for a good salsa recipe and yours sounds perfect. The vibrant red pints look mouth watering! Thank you

  4. Thanks, Crystal!! It's a shame by blog is so neglected LOL- maybe I need to write something :)

    Just a disclaimer, I got that recipe from an online friend who got it from someone who got it from's one of those "pass it on" recipes that are just waiting for your personal touches :) I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

  5. I, too, was abundantly blessed with tomatoes this year :) Your salsa looks like a great way to use them. I have a question, though -- I read somewhere that if you are adding onions or peppers (or any non-acidic veggies) to your tomatoes in sauces or the like, that you cannot safely can them in a water bath canner because they will no longer be acidic enough. What I read said that you COULD still can them if you have a pressure canner. I had never heard that before. Have you heard anything like this? It made me nervous, so any time I made soup or sauce with onions or peppers, I put them in jars and just froze them. But I'd love to know if it's really true . . . any input? Thank you! :)


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