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Life has been busy as usual here on my homestead. Last weekend Leanne and Sierra participated in the 30 hour famine from World Vision with a local church.  Leanne does this twice a year.. once with a church near by and once with our own church.  They both said it was an awesome experience.   

On Monday Emily, Isaac and I headed out early in the morning for a little road trip.  She was taking her first two Dante tests and the closest college that administered the Dante was in Salem Oregon.  The drive was over 2 hours but it was a beautiful sunny day and we enjoyed the trip.  We found the college without a problem.  While she took her first test Isaac and I found the local Costco and I did my grocery shopping.   We went back to the college and brought Emily some lunch.  While she took her second test Isaac and I worked on school work.  She passed both tests with flying colors and had 6 more credits earned!  She figured for as long as the drive was she might as well prep for two tests to make the trip worth it, and it was!  She has a few more Dante tests to take so there are a few more trips to Salem still on the schedule.   

Tuesday was a quiet day around the homestead.  I made another gallon of salsa and 4 loaves of challah.  I did not soak the grains for that but we enjoyed the bread anyway!  It went great with our hamburger veggie soup.   

Yesterday I took care of lots of little details. I mixed up a double batch of my soaked whole wheat bread and today I will make 4 loaves of bread.  I got a couple loads of laundry run through and of course school.  I also renewed my driver’s license online for the first time.  I was happy to see I don’t have to have it renewed for another 5 years..  every 4 years was coming faster and faster!   

I checked on my new little kids and they are doing great.  I had so much fun the other day watching the three of them out running and jumping and playing and chasing after mom.  Spring and baby goats just seem to go hand in hand!   

Today is time to get hubby back on the work schedule and our weekend routine, make my bread, and take care of chores and school work.  Dinner tonight will be chicken noodle soup, whole grain crackers and a salad…  an easy meal to put together (especially with my chicken broth from the freezer).   

It is going to be a wet and windy day here..  at least it is right now..  and that is ok I will be working at home to keep the wheels on the homestead turning!   

Hope you all have a great Thursday on your homestead! 


  1. I really enjoy your blog and learning about the Nourishing Traditions way of cooking and eating. I have always wanted to make my own crackers - we go through a lot with our homemade soups. Do you make your own? And if so, would you share your method? Thanks!

  2. Did Emily take her tests at Willamette University?? My oldest went there and I think the college town is so cute! Great little shops to poke around in.

    Tell her that the blogosphere is proud of her and rooting for her continued sucess!


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