Potato Corn Chowder



I mentioned that I had made this for dinner one night a few days ago on a blot post and had a request to share the recipe.  Well like a lot of my recipe.. I don’t have a real recipe until I write it down!  LOL..   Here is how I made it.. 

I took several potatoes and peeled them and cut them up into bite size pieces. I put them in a pot and covered them with just enough water (it just came up to the level of the potatoes).  I added some salt and brought to a boil and then reduced the heat and let it simmer.  While the potatoes were simmering I cut up about ½ a pound of bacon and chopped up one onion.  I fried these up until the bacon was crispy and the onion nicely cooked.  By this time the potatoes were done cooking.  I drain out most of the water and added the bacon and onions.  I also added a couple cups of frozen organic corn.  I then added half n half till it looked nice and creamy.  I added back in a little of the potato water until it was the consistency that I wanted.  I seasoned it with salt and pepper.  It was a simple but yet very yummy dinner.  I served it with my soaked oatmeal dinner rolls and a nice big green salad made of romaine lettuce, spinach, grated carrots and tomatoes. 



  1. Thank you for posting this-I can't wait to try it! :)


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