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I think today we might get a break from the rain and wind. A real fall like storm moved in a couple of days ago and dumped a ton of rain on us and came with major high winds. We lost power once too. The leaves lost a lot of there leaves as well.   Despite the windy, rainy weather my sweet hubby told me yesterday afternoon that he wanted a BBQ! So a BBQ he got! I pulled a some steaks from the freezer and put them in a little warm water to defrost quick and through some potatoes in the oven to bake and made a salad. Dinner was easy. It was fun to defy the yucky weather have an enjoyable afternoon and evening! LOL.. 


With all that rainy weather coming down we just focused on inside things mostly for the last few days. Tobin had his own list of details to take care of and so did I. Leanne took Emily’s place with the twins on a couple days this week so Emily could study. One day the girls all left to spend the day in town doing a bit of shopping. 


I have been working on my Christmas projects lately. I would love to share more detail about what I am doing, but recipients of these gifts also read my blog! LOL.. soo… I will save it for either after Christmas or I will share next Christmas!  This year I am determined to get things done ahead of time. I want to make sure I get my packages out in the mail on time. I am so excited too because my son’s deployment will be ending next month! Hard to believe 15 months has gone by.. hard for me to believe but not for him. I can see first hand how hard these deployments are for our military men. He is more than ready to come home. He will be able to be here for Christmas and our family is so excited to see him!! I guess that has been another motivation for me to get things done early! I want to enjoy my family time and not be rushing around doing lots of last minute things.


One thing I am going to be doing ahead of time is my Christmas baking. I am going to freeze my cookies and quick breads. I have done this many times and it is a great way to have a nice variety of goodies during the holiday season. Has anyone ever frozen fudge? I am sure it would be fine.. just wanting to hear some personal experience on this. I just don’t want my defrosted fudge to be sticky or anything.. so if you have frozen fudge before.. let me know how it was!! 


Today I need to focus on homeschooling, housekeeping, dinner prep, and then spend time on my projects. Dinner tonight is crockpot swiss steak, mashed potatoes and salad. I think if I, or one of my daughters, have time then we will make some more of those delicious pumpkin cookies. They are soooo good.. and maybe some pumpkin bread to put in the freezer. The biggest problem I have with baking cookies for the freezer is actually getting them INTO the freezer before they are all eaten up! So maybe I will do a quadruple batch of pumpkin cookies.. for sure I would get a bunch in the freezer!  LOL..


Hope you have a great Thursday on your homestead!  


  1. I have frozen fudge! I cut it up into the little squares, put each one into a little paper holder- those ones you use for peanut butter cups. Then I place them into a freezer bag that you can suck all the air out of. They kept for 3 months, well, that's how long they lasted....

    Not sticky at all. You can even eat it frozen.

  2. Hi Crystal! So glad to hear that your son will be coming home soon. My husband did 15 months (he returned this past january) and it was hard for our family because we have three young children. Anyways enjoy your time with him!

  3. gingerbreadstars.blogspot.comNovember 13, 2008 at 6:20 AM

    It is cold and rainy here, too. I just can't seem to warm up when it is like this. I saw your Pumpkin Cookies and have printed it out. I think this might just make the day a little more cozy. Thanks for all your recipes. I have made many and they are always a family hit!

  4. The rain has made it to us here in mid-Missouri! :-) As you say, there certainly aren't many leaves left now. SO GLAD to hear your son will be home -- such a blessing and know you all are SO looking forward to it. We have a son-in-law there now, Take the best care!

    God's Blessings, Rita :-)

  5. We have frozen fudge many times and it's always come out fine. If you want to freeze it right in the pan I'd suggest putting down wax paper before you pour the fudge in the pan. If you are cutting it and removing it from the pan & then freezing it plastic wrap is fine as long as the fudge is fully cooled. HTH!



  6. So glad to hear your son is coming home! Your dinner sounds so good! I'll have to look for the recipe!




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