College Plus and Emily’s Update


I wanted to give an update on how Emily is doing with her home study college (I have had several ladies ask for this as we are progressing through the program). This last week she took her English Literature CLEP test and passed. She now has 52 college credits. She has one more 6 credit test to take (Natural Science) and if she passes this one she will be done with the equivalent of 2 years of college and will begin working on her 3rd year.  


We are so very proud of her and all the hard work she is putting into this. I really can’t say enough good things about College Plus! If you want your child to earn a degree I really encourage looking into this non-traditional (thinking “outside the box”) option.


 College Plus! has provided Emily with a fantastic coach. Emily speaks with her twice a month and emails regularly. This gal is so encouraging to Emily and has helped to keep her on track and accountable. College Plus! also has a degree planner that spoke with both Emily and I and helped Emily to lay out what it was she desired and all the tests/courses she will need to take. The service they provide is exceptional. 


Emily’s next step, starting sometime at the beginning of next year, will be to enroll in Thomas Edison University. Then she will transfer all her earned credits to them and begin taking the online courses that she needs to finish her degree. If she stays on track she should be done by next fall. She started the program in April. 


That is our update so far. If anyone has questions about the program my daughter Emily or I will be more than happy to give you more info. You can click on the links to also find out more from the College Plus! website. 


  1. Amazing! Thanks so much for posting on this Crystal- I have a 16 year old daughter that will need to be thinking out options...


  2. I am so glad Emily has a wondreful coach and is doing well in her college online courses!!

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  3. homesteadinthemakingNovember 6, 2008 at 4:50 AM

    Crystal, my biggest question is due they allow for financial aid or scholarships?

    Thank you,


  4. Way to go, Emily!!!

    I know you are all very proud of her. Will your other children be using College Plus also? Seems like its a wonderful program.

  5. I hope you don't mind, I shared your blog link with my yahoo group because people were asking about college plus.

    BTW: I 'know' you from your own forums and website years ago....

    Best Blessings in our Risen Messiah!

    Donna Miller

  6. We are signed up for a Web presentation of College Plus next Thursday....Real interested to see what we learn there...thank you SO much for keeping us posted on your progress and being open to questions...I just may take you up on that!

    Carol...In Oregon

  7. madiantin.blogspot.comNovember 8, 2008 at 10:01 AM

    I am SO impressed with your daughter's progress. That is absolutely fantastic - congratulations to her for all her hard work.

    I would be VERY interested in seeing what sort of schedule she keeps, and what she uses as resources to help her. Is she studying 14 hours a day? Or 4? Does she just use the CLEP book? Or other resources also?

    Her abilities are a testament to your dedication to homeschooling.

    Very impressive. =)


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