Happy Birthday Sierra!!


Sierra is my 7th child and 5th daughter. She turned 13 yesterday!  One more teenager in the home!  She had a great day. After church Emily and Leanne took her and her best friend Makayla shopping in the city.  Then they came home to pizza dinner and birthday celebrations. Sierra actually had a weekend full of birthday excitement. Makayla’s mom took the two of them to the Revolve Tour. They spent Friday evening and all day Saturday there and both girls had a wonderful time. 


Here are a few pictures from her birthday..






Makayla and Sierra




Happy Birthday to my sweet Sierra Beth!!




  1. I wanted to extend congratulations to you and your husband for your daughters birthday :0) It is always a blessing to see a girl turn into a lady with a heart for GOD. Thanks for posting and everything you do to help minister to us Moms/Housewives etc, and thank you also for your website.


  2. I took my then 14 yr old daughter to the revolve tour last year and we had a blast! I was so moved by 15,000 girls worshipping the Lord together and to hear the messages from all of the speakers.I hope to take her again.

  3. First of all, Happy Birthday Sierra!

    Second of all, WOW! I knew your daughter's name was Sierra. That is my little 6 year old's name too. But I did not know her middle name was Beth. That is my girl's middle name too! My name is Bethany, but I've always gone by Beth. So we decided to use that as our girl's middle name. How funny that our girls have the same name!

    I've been reading your blog and your website for a long time, and I think they are wonderful!



  4. HAPPY B-DAY SIERRA!! And many, MANY more!!

    LOVE that sweater. ;-)

    Blessings from Ohio, Kim Wolf<><


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