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Well here it is Monday again.. the weeks just fly by. We were so happy last week to enjoy a few nice warmer days. One day was about 75! It was great, but today we are back to cool and wet..  Such is life.. and to top it off my hubby has to attend a mandatory class at work tonight so his weekend will be cut short.. date night will have to wait. That is ok as I have had plenty to keep me busy today.


Last week we had a little too much excitement on our homestead. Our dog Ellie was outside barking as is typical for her, so no one got terribly excited about it. She tends to stand in the front yard and bark at all the ducks that land in our pond. However this one morning she was doing a lot of barking and then Leanne ran downstairs and said she had just looked out the upstairs window and saw a coyote run past our pond and into the woods with a chicken in its mouth!! Right in broad daylight! They have never been so bold in the past. Must be slim pickins’ up in those woods this time of year.


The kids are winding down the school year. They hope to be finished sometime next month. So we have been doing a lot of focusing on school. Tobin and I will be leaving to go on vacation next month so I am also trying to make sure they get plenty done before that. 


Last Saturday night my daughters and I had a great evening together. We did feet soaks and painted our toenails (aw the fun of teenage daughters ). Last month for my birthday Emily and Leanne bought me one of those foot bath, whirlpool thingys.. and I had not yet pulled it out of the box. So the evening just seemed perfect for it. We watched some old TV shows and everyone pampered their feet. By the time we were done even the boys had joined us to check out mom’s new toy and soak their feet! LOL.. however they passed on getting their toenails painted..    Afterwards we all made ice cream sundaes. 


Update on Leanne: she has raised ½ the funds for her trip, her visa application has been filled and sent in and her plane reservations to Teen Missions and from the drop off point when the missions trip is over have now been made! I feel a great sense of relief to have made it this far and met all of our deadlines. The clock is ticking.. I know June will be here before I know it!


Dinner tonight is tacos. Easy enough… I will get Sierra and Isaac to help me with dinner preps tonight. 


Hope you have all had a productive day on your homesteads today! 


  1. madiantin@blogspot.comApril 15, 2008 at 8:57 AM

    Oh my! Your poor chicken! That coyote must have been pretty hungry to have come out in broad daylight.

    Our school year has wound down to the extent that my son has just one and a half books left to read...and that's it. =) However, 8th grade books will arrive this week so we'll probably start up again next week. I love starting a new grade with new books - it's like Christmas when they all arrive. =)

    Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL time at your foot party. And ice cream sundaes. Mmmmmm. =) Do you make your own ice cream?


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