Took a Blogging Break

I have taken a break from blogging in the last few weeks. The break was not intentional but rather I needed a computer break and I needed to focus my time on my family and home and business. I always get emails from blog readers or calls from family or friends when they don’t see me blog for awhile wondering if all is well. Yes all is fine, and I thank you for your thoughts.


My time over the last few weeks has been spent helping Leanne with her long never ending list of things to take care in preparation for her missions trip to Egypt. We still need to get her plane reservations made and I am hoping we will get that completed this week. There has been fund raising at our church for her, her visa application that had to filled out EXACTLY right or it would be rejected, clothing, and misc. items that have to be put together. And in all her packing she has a weight limit as well.. so many details! And her departure date seems fast approaching. 

I have also spent time with
Emily as she is preparing for her first coaching call which is the starting line for her College Plus program. She is very eager to get going on this. 


My younger kids are finishing up the school year and doing all they can to get the book work done so by the time the nice weather comes (if it ever comes! ) they can put the books away and enjoy their summer… except for Jacob who announced he wanted to go through the Algebra 2 book over the summer/fall which would mean he will have done 2 Saxon math books this year. He is a smart boy and I am sure can do it. Leanne did the same thing one year. 


On top of these things I have been spring cleaning and organizing. My basement has been transformed! I had thought to take a picture of how it looked before I started cleaning and purging. BUT I was too embarrassed! LOL..  Now that I am done with it all I wish I had.. may have encouraged someone who has their own disaster to deal with that it can be tackled! 


I have been on a soap making campaign for my little country store too. Since the last week in February I have made about 100#’s of soap. I have soap curing everywhere! I had to pack things away to make room on shelves to lay it all out to cure. I have another 30#’s I want to make before the month ends and then maybe I will take a soap break! 


So as you can see something in my schedule had to give and it was blogging and computer time. Soon life will settle down.. I think! LOL.. and I can get back to blogging and sharing more. 


  1. Sounds like you have been busy girl. Good to see you back. We missed you!!!

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  2. Crystal,

    Wanted to say "hi". I'm glad all is well and sounds like you have had a great blogging and Homestead break. Always enjoy reading about your family and your homestead.

    Love ya my friend,


  3. Wow, you have been busy. Glad things are ok and so far going smoothly getting ready for the trip. God's blessings!


  4. Nice to "see" you back, and glad to hear all is well! You have some exciting happenings going on in your household, I enjoy reading about it. =)


  5. Crystal, so glad you're back online! Could you post at some point some of the origins of your kids' names? They are all so different and some are Biblical - are they named after family members?

    Anyhow, thanks for the inspiring info!

  6. My hubby says I can get a mixer? What's the name of your's? Is it the Bosch Universal? Would you mind telling me where you purchased it? Thanks!


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