An Afternoon with My Bosch

Yesterday I spent my afternoon baking. I took pictures along the way to share how I was able to get it all done. I baked 6 loaves of bread, 2 loaves of French bread and a large pan (jelly roll size) of cinnamon rolls. I did this in about 2 ½ to 3 hours (due to the fact that most bread recipes only need one rising time when kneaded with the Bosch). I will share the links to the recipes at the end of the post.

Here is how it went:

I started earlier in the morning grinding my all my wheat in my Retsel grain mill. I had other things to do in my day so I did not get back to the baking until later in the day (about 2:00). When I started I began with our weekly 6 loaves of bread. I kneaded up the dough and divided it into 6 bread pans.



While my 6 loaves of bread were rising I wiped out my Bosch bowl and made the French bread. This is one of my favorite recipes. It is actually a pizza crust recipe but I have found that it makes a delicious bread as well. I wanted to have this to go with our dinner last night which was streak that we grilled out (under the cover of our carport as it was raining  ), coleslaw and French bread. I divided the dough into 2 loaves and put them in my French bread pans. 



By this time the 6 loaves of bread were coming out of the oven:


While my French bread was rising, I mixed up the dough for my cinnamon rolls. 


While the French bread baked I rolled out the dough and made cinnamon rolls:


I set them on the counter, covered with a dish towel and let them rise. While they were rising the French bread came out of the oven:



When the cinnamon rolls were done rising, I put them in the oven. While they were baking I cleaned out the Bosch bowl and used the wire whips to make some icing to spread on them when they came out of the oven:


When I had moments to wait in between all these steps I cleaned up the kitchen so it did not become a big disaster to deal with when I was done. When the cinnamon rolls were done I pulled them out of the oven and frosted them:


By now it was time to switch gears in the kitchen work and think about dinner. The only other prep that needed to be done was make coleslaw. I washed out the Bosch and Leanne came to help. She used the Bosch with the peeler, slicer attachment to slice the cabbage and grate the carrots:



And here is the finished project:

If I had gotten an earlier start to it all I would have also tried to fit a batch of cookies into the baking day and make a gallon of instant oatmeal (I use the blender to blend my oats for this).   But today is another day and hopefully I can get to that.

I freeze the bread that won’t be eaten in a day or so and I would freeze the cinnamon rolls too.. if they ever lasted that long! I freeze my bread in gallon size storage bags (not the zip type). The brand is Hefty Baggies. My bread is never stored for long periods of time and that is why I don’t use freezer bags. If I was to store it for a month or more I might switch to the freezer bags instead. 

The recipes:

My Italian Pizza Crust recipe that I used to make French bread:

Oatmeal Dinner Roll recipe that I made into cinnamon rolls:



  1. Crystal,

    I just LOVE seeing these pictures of your baking. Everything looks so delicious. Thanks for posting the pictures as you know I love when you post pictures.

    Thinking of you and love ya,


  2. and your website--don't comment or visit the board near as often as I should....

    Just thought it was neat I just posted a simlar entry using all YOUR recipies!! ;)

    Your bread looks so much nicer--- I must not let mine rise enough or SOMETHING???


    Here are my 2 entries---

    Love your pics too!!

  3. What is the "filling" for the rolls made of? Its it just cinnamon and sugar?

    Also, How do you make the frosting for them?


  4. What an awesome post! I love healthy recipes and pictures. I will be trying all these in the next few days.

  5. Great job.. I like your mixer.. I have a kitchen aid.. But yours looks great..

    Thanks for sharing..

    Blessings Sister Brenda

  6. I love all your recipes. Ive been working on more homecooking for about 2 1/2 months now and get alot of my recipes from your website. I just got a freezer so I am going to try freezer cooking soon. Hopefully in the next month i can purchase a bosch so i can begin making bread. Thank you for the time you spend in your blogs and website.

  7. What an accomplishment in a day!! I think I need a Bosch mixer for sure!


  8. i would LOVE to have a bosch.........but alas, my faithful old kitchenaid still hangs on! lol

    thank you for sharing your recipes! i can't wait to give 'em a go here in the lost world!



  9. Your breads look delicious! Unfortunately, I have to work all day but if I had the time, I would LOVE to learn to cook like you! My family would appreciate it but the only thing I KNOW that I would have a problem with is freezing the bread. I have tried just buying bread on sale and freezing it and my family swears that they can taste a texture change. I, however, have not noticed any change whatsoever. I think it's all in their heads! Sure would be nice to have some fresh, homemade bread!


    My Blog:

  10. I really enjoy coming to your blog and seeing what you have been up to and all the great recipes. I too live in WA (Olympia) and just wanted to say I am amazed at all that bread making/cimmamon roll baking you did! It looks delicious too.

  11. Crystal,

    Hi, let me first say how good your bread looks. I see the Bosch looks like a good investment. I do have a question. When you put your bread in the loaf pans do you cover with just a towel? I spray some saran wrap and cover then a towel over that. I don't know if all those steps are necessary. You really make good use of your time! Just another note-my mother-in-law has been making your beef stew recipe for shut-ins and others at church. People love it and request it! Thank you for sharing! Your recipes are being used all over the country!

  12. Where do you buy your french bread pans?

  13. I think I might need you to come over and teach me a few things. My bread always gets eaten, but it never turns out the way it should. It's always heavy, short and squatty, no matter what recipe I use. Obviously, I'm doing something wrong. I just don't know what it is. Anyway, very impressive. If I can get mine to turn out like that there will be a happy dance in my kitchen for sure.



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