Saturday on the Homestead


I am getting ready to head to our nearest little town with my older girls. Tomorrow the youth group at our church is holding a bake sale to raise funds for Leanne’s mission trip and for another young girl who is going on a missions trip this summer as well. We need a few ingredients that we don’t normally buy and some small size paper plates. 


Here is what the girls are making (and none of this is healthy stuff! LOL):


Rice Crispy Treats

Banana Muffins

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cinnamon Rolls


When we get home I think I will be doing some crocheting. I am still trying to find time to finish my basket weave afghan. My afternoon looks rather calm actually. Which is nice because yesterday was very busy. I made nearly 35 pounds of soap and that seemed to encompass most of my afternoon. I was quite thankful that Emily had put crockpot chili on in the morning and Leanne made the coleslaw at dinner time. Sierra helped them do the clean up so dinner was a nice team effort that did not involve me! LOL.. 


Dinner tonight is baked chicken legs, mashed potatoes and coleslaw that I have leftover from last night’s dinner. Another easy dinner!


Yesterday we officially enrolled Emily in a program where she will be working from home to earn her college degree. She wants a degree in accounting/business. If all goes according to plan she should have her bachelor’s degree in less than 2 years. She will begin next month. The program we are using is called College Plus if anyone would like more info on this. After looking and discussing all her options during this last year since she got her GED, this seemed to be the most cost efficient and workable plan. She will continue to work her job as a nanny and the money earned there will help to pay for her education and give her time to study while the boys nap and so on. And if she needs extra study time Leanne has agreed to fill in for her. 


Emily did arrive home safe and sound last Monday. She decided she likes flying and traveling and can’t wait to do more. I thought I would share a few pictures of Emily’s trip to Maryland, WashingtonDC, New York.


Here are some of her in WashingtonDC:






And a picture of her with my son in law and daughter Carolyn:




And one in front of the Wall Street Journal (her favorite newspaper!  ) in New York:




And finally here is an updated picture of my sweet little grandson Caden (his looks remind me A LOT of my oldest son Richard when he was a baby):



That is all for Saturday on the Homestead… time to head to the store so my girls can keep on baking this afternoon! 


  1. You girls are so cute, and that baby is just to precious. Thanks for sharing...........Kitty

  2. Great photos Crystal! Thanks for sharing them.

    Good luck with the bake sale. I'm sure it will go well.

    The college course sounds nice. I'm going to check it out.

    Have a nice remaining weekend!

    love ya,


  3. That grandbaby is adorable!!! Your girls are so pretty!!! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures with us. Sounds like you have been busy making soap! WOW!!!

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo


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