Cast Iron Questions Answered


I got a few questions from my post on cleaning and maintaining your cast iron frying pans that I will try and answer:


Amy Jo,   asked where I bought my pans at. I bought them at a sportsman type store. The ones where they sell items for hunting, camping, fishing, etc..  The brand I have is, Lodge.


Anonymous made the comment that when your pans are seasoned well, no food sticks to them. This is true. The longer you use them, season them, etc.. the better they get!


Another anonymous person asked what to do if you don’t have coconut oil. You can use oil. I have used olive oil but I have not been as happy with the results as when I use coconut oil. You can find coconut oil pretty easily. Walmart even sells it.   She also asked if I use soap, no I don’t. I have written more in detail about this on my website. You can find my article here:






  1. I just got my first Cast iron - a two burner griddle - on friday night and had an introductory meal on it yesterday - apple pancakes. It was more difficult because I do not have a temp control on it, but that will come as I get used to it. I cannot wait until I have more, but one piece at a time.... one piece at a time (especially as I have a very expensive set of non-stick pans at the moment - I cannot justify going out and getting more pans....)

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    Wow great article. Thank you for sharing that link!


    Jocelyn, THC Staff

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  3. Thanks for answering all our questions. bday is coming up soon, maybe I will hint to hubby this is what I want!!! LOL

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  4. I never thought to use coconut oil to reseason my pans after use. I usually wipe a bit of olive oil in them but will for sure try the coconut oil. Thanks so much! I love'd the pics. Thanks also for making all your articles so interesting and informative. I've learned so much from you and you have a way of making it easy to do.

    Thanks again! - Michele

  5. I got my Lodge Cast Iron at Wal-mart. And I have even seen them at the grocery store. My grandma told me to slap on a good layer of crisco and put in a 200 degree oven. Turn the oven off and get it out the next morning. You may need to turn the oven on again and pour out the extra grease. Then every time I use mine I pour a little more grease in it after I am done cleaning it with warm water and NO soap. It it gets rust spots don't be scared. Wash it off with some warm water then more grease. And in case you are worried about all the grease. This grease is much healthier for you than teflon.

    Blessings to all!


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