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This week is flying by. Today we are celebrating my FIL’s birthday. His actual birthday is on Valentines day, but that won’t work for our schedule so we are doing it today. The dinner menu consists of Shrimp Scampi, Green Salad, French Bread with Strawberry Cheesecake for dessert.


Emily made the cheesecake yesterday and I had a big bread baking afternoon and got a loaf of French bread made and I think one loaf will be enough. If not, I can always decide later this afternoon to make up a batch of dinner rolls.


Tobin has an ear infection so he is headed to the doctors this morning. I will go along on the trip and pick up a few last minute food items while he is seeing the doctor. 


The kids are applying themselves to their school assignments at the moment and when we get home it will be house cleaning and cooking time.


I mentioned my bread baking afternoon.. so I thought I would share a picture of it. I made a 6 loaf batch of my bread and made that into 4 loaves of bread and large pan of cinnamon rolls. Then I made a batch of my Italian Pizza Crust and divided the dough in half. I used one half to top last night’s dinner, which was Delicious Italian Casserole, and the other half I made into a loaf of French bread which we will have tonight. 




The sun is currently out and I love the warmer days! Could be close to 60 by the end of the week. I am looking so forward to spring.. I could swear when I was outside yesterday that I heard a frog..  


On Monday Jacob cleared out the front yard of all the downed tree limbs from the storm and then yesterday Tobin got them all cut up and the kids stacked the wood and then they all cleaned up and raked up the front yard. It looks so much better now. We took down our trampoline for good. One very large tree limb came crashing down during one of our snow/ice storms and went right through the trampoline. I am not too disappointed about this.. maybe the younger two are, but after 10 years I am ready to be done with the trampoline phase of our life.. LOL.. 


That is all from my homestead.. hope you all have a great Wednesday


  1. Crystal,

    I am praying for Tobin...hope he feels better with his ear infection very soon.

    I just love when you post pictures on your blog...all of your bread looks delicious!!

    I felt the SAME way as you...was glad when the boys outgrew the trampoline.

    Love ya my friend,


  2. Hi, Crystal. Sorry to hear about Tobin's ear infection. I don't know if it something he deals with often but I sure do. I wanted to tell you about a product I use to treat them that works. My husband's friend recommended it. It's called Silverbiotics and you buy it at a health food store or over the internet. It's a natural alternative to antibiotics. You can ingest it or for the ear infections, you buy a glass dropper and put 3 drops into the ear 3 times a day. In just two days my ear infection disappeared. The other natural treatment for ears I use is Wally's Ear Oil. It is loaded with herbs and is great to use to prevent ear infections. Sorry to go on about this but I have had over seven ear infections this year. I feel like an expert on what works for them now. Anyways, I enjoy reading your blog. You are such an encouragement! Have a great day! Jessica

  3. Hi, Mmmmm, your baked goods always look sooooo good. Is your Italian Casserol in your recipes??

    Praying Tobin gets well soon. Ear infections are no fun at all.

    Have a great day.


  4. Spring will be a long time in coming to our part of the world. 60 degrees by the end of the week sounds like a distant dream... We live in north central Alberta, Canada, and right now when I look out my front window, my world looks just like that picture at the top of your blog page! We've had a lot of snow this winter, and if it all melts slowly enough to soak into the soil rather than running off in the spring, the farmers will be happy.


  5. We heard frogs last night after a really much needed rain.Isn't it wonderful how such a small sound can bring so much contentment and excitement?

    All those baked goodies look so yummy.I need to get busy myself baking some bread. It's been too long since I smelled that wonderful aroma!


    Amanda <><

    II Corinthians 5:7

  6. I can almost smell the bread from here. Your menu for the birthday sounds wonderful!!!!!!!!

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  7. Here's hoping Tobin is feeling better already!

    That bread looks AMAZING!

  8. Boy everythings looks great..yummy...

    Blessings Sister Brenda


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