Crockpot Lasagna

I have had a few requests for this recipe.. it turned out really yummy..  It lasted us 2 nights, so be aware that it makes a LOT of lasagna, so if you don’t have a big crowd to feed it to, you can serve it a couple of nights in a row like I did or freeze the leftovers for another meal in future or cut the recipe in half.


Crockpot Lasagna
Crystal Miller


3 cups cottage cheese

2 eggs

2 t dried parsley

8 to 10 lasagna noodles, uncooked

Spaghetti sauce, see recipe below

3 to 4 cups mozzarella cheese


Spray a large 5 or 6 quart crockpot with a non stick spray such as Pam. In a small bowl combine cottage cheese, eggs and parsley, set aside. Put a layer of lasagna noodles on the bottom of the crockpot, breaking them if needed to fit. Spoon 1/3 of the sauce over the noodles. Then spoon 1/3 of the cottage cheese and 1/3 of the mozzarella cheese over this. Repeat layers 2 more times. Cook on low for 5 to 6 hours. Before serving, turn off crockpot and remove lid and let it sit for a bit to cool down and firm it up for serving.


Spaghetti Sauce

1lb. hamburger

1 onion, chopped

1 green or red pepper, chopped (or any type of peppers, I use mini peppers and use several of them)

4 to 5 large mushrooms (or more small ones), chopped

2- 14oz cans diced tomatoes

1- 8oz can tomato sauce

1- 6oz can tomato paste

1 ½ T Italian seasonings

2 t salt

1 T cane juice crystals

small amount of water to thin sauce



In a large frying pan or sauce pan cook hamburger, onions, peppers and mushrooms until meat is no longer pink and veggies are tender. 


In a blender puree diced tomatoes and add to hamburger/veggie mix. Add the tomato sauce and paste, Italian seasonings, salt and cane juice crystals. You can thin out the sauce with a little bit of water, you want it a little thinner than normally because the lasagna noodles will absorb the liquid. Use the sauce in the above Crockpot Lasagna recipe.


  1. And catch up on all that you've been doing lately! Oh MY!! First of all, Happy Belated Birthday to your Jacob! My Jackson turned 14 last month. I'm eyeing your pasta machine and your grain mill with a bit of covetousness. They are both items that are on my Wish List. :-)

    So many recipes! It's a really good thing we were gone over the weekend and I haven't planned our meals this week yet. I'll definitely have to make the Crock-Pot Lasagna! And thank you for the Instant Oatmeal Mix -- what a great idea. Did you find that recipe somewhere or did you have some trial and error to come up with just the right blend?

    I'm making a basket-weave afghan right now, too! It will be for my oldest son. I wanted it to be in cool, calming/beachy colors and smiled when I noticed I had picked out Ocean and Sand Print! :-)

    Oh, and a Very Happy Congratulations on your soon-to-be-new-Grandbaby! What a blessing!

    Okay, now I'm off to write down/copy all of these new recipes, print out the February Menu Calendar and get started with our menu for the week -- but I can't leave without telling you that I've been using your recipe for Homemade Refried Beans for about 9 months now and we just love it! I've tried a few other recipes that have other ingredients added, different quantities, etc., but we really prefer the pure, simple taste of yours. Thank you SO much for sharing so much of your time, all the things you've tried and succeeded at, and for sharing yourself and your family. Your blog and the Family Homestead are staples that are so helpful in so many different areas!

    (Oh -- Thanks for the homemade chickfeed recipe in your newsletter! We may just have to try that when we get our chicks!)

    If you have a minute in your day, drop by - I'd love to have you visit me at

  2. This sounds fabulous! I am going to give it a try! I love crock pot cooking!



  3. I have made some of your other recipes and my family loves. Lasagne is one of my favorite crowd pleasers to cook. I like the sound of making it in the crockpot!

  4. Your recipes always sound so wonderful! I love visiting your website & blog. You have so many wonderful ideas & timesavers. You must be a busy woman! I'm going to try the crockpot lasagna this week!

  5. I was hoping you were going to post that recipe. Thank you bunches! (o;


  6. This recipe is almost identical to my moms with one exception. We add 1/2 cup parmesan (sp?) cheese to the cottege cheese mixture. And likewise, we make our own sauce.....minus the meat.

    I've never made it in a crock pot, but am excited to try it. Maybe I'll put it on next weeks menu. Thanks!!

  7. This recipe sounds so good. I have been trying alot of your recipes lately and they are great. Especially your mixes. I ordered your goat milk soap and shampoo bars and I love them!! The oatmeal honey bar is our favorite. It was suppossed to be mine till the children found it and love it just as much as I do!!

    Thanks for everything Crystal!! Keep up the good work.

    God bless



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