Friday on the Homestead


I am home now after a nice little mini vacation to the Oregon coast. Tobin and I left on Monday and returned yesterday afternoon. We had a great time away and the kids “held down the fort” and did a super job of it all..  In fact when we arrived home yesterday Leanne had made dinner: chili bean soup, salad, served with tortillas and salsa with peach cobbler and ice cream for dessert…  plus the house was beautifully clean and my favorite Kenny G CD was play and a couple candles were lit.. it was such a nice homecoming!


I am happy to say that the weather is warming up! When we left on Monday there was still a lot of snow everywhere but by the time we came home most of it had melted and our driveway was clear. Tobin had to put chains on the car just to get up the driveway last weekend.. what a difference a few days make.


I still have a lot of details to work on this weekend.. products to make for my store, book keeping to catch up on, emails and web work to do, homeschooling papers to correct and books to print.. and the list goes on.. 


Dinner tonight is .. well.. I did not plan dinner.. so we are just eating up leftovers. That is another thing on my to do list.. plan my menu! 


Hope you all have a great weekend on your homesteads.. 


  1. I'm so glad that y'all had a nice time! Sounds like your daughters did a good job of being homemakers.



  2. So glad you're back! I just used your cast iron info to season a second-hand dutch oven we found...any dutch oven recipes you want to pass on? :) Actually, a friend gave me a GREAT artisan bread recipe for the dutch oven ... just let me know if you want it (soaked prairie gold flour, crusty outside, chewy inside..yum...).

    Your homecoming sounds wonderful. Oh, for the days when my kids are...older!!!

    Rachel (

  3. Hi Crystal, glad to hear that you had a nice time at the coast, we were up there for Christmas we stayed in Florence and Brookings and loved the area, I just love the ocean...we had been there previous on a summer vacation but I really enjoyed being there for Christmas this year..


  4. Crystal, I am glad you had a nice vacation. How blessed you are to come home to chores done and a meal ready. I read your blog often for encouragement. Also, I love your recipes. I made by own bucket of laundry detergent last week. It works great and noone is complaining about itchy skin (my hubby and children have sensitive skin). We are on a budget and that recipe will really free up some extra money for us. Thank you for sharing.


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