Wednesday on the Homestead

Good Morning!

What a slow going morning for me! I'm typically a morning person but last night had a hard time sleeping. It suddenly got quite hot here and it made it hard to sleep. Eventually I fell asleep as things cooled down. Was not yet ready for real summer, ha ha! Normally we don't get hot like that until mid to later July. It's a 2 day heat blast and tomorrow we'll be back to or normal upper 70's again. 

I've been so busy lately. One of the fun things I did last week was a get together with a dear friend of mine, her daughter and 6 children and my daughter and her 5 children. Such and enjoyable day! We went to hike/walk in an area that my son and I had hiked several weeks back. They have the harder hike on one side of the road (the one my son and I did) and the easy, paved 1 mile walk on the other side. With all the little ones and strollers of course we did the easy walk.  

I moved to this area 23 years ago. The first person I met here was my friend Debi. She greeted me with the most sweet smiling face and made me and my family feel very welcome. Since that meeting all those years ago we have been friends ever since. Her daughter, Becky, would come over with her mom to spend time with my girls. 

What was so special about this walk to me was seeing Becky and my daughter Hannah together (they have become good friends now too) and all those sweet little grandbabies. A picture of the years that have gone by and the blessings of God for sure. 

Here are a few pics from our day together..

Hannah, Becky and their children..

 Me, Debi and the grandchildren..

Once again I so enjoyed all the beautiful scenery of that area, the wild flowers ..

In other news on my homestead my little kittens are getting so big! They are about 3 1/2 weeks old. Their eyes are open and they are starting to move around. So far I've kept them in a laundry basket and my mama cat has liked that. Last night I saw one of them working to climb out. So, I'm moving them into my laundry room, putting up the baby gate and hoping that keeps them contained for another week or two. I figured if they are in there I can work on getting them to use the litter box. 

In the meantime I had a heck of a time taking a picture of them! :D 

 I did finally manage to get this one..

Today's goals include some household chores....

~finish laundry (I have some sitting in the dryer and another load to wash) 
~move my kittens into the laundry room
~sweep/mop kitchen floor

Dinner for tonight will be some Jimmy Dean sausage fried up with lots of veggies and brown rice.  I'll make enough for us to have for a couple of nights. 

For the Love of Books!
I had several things going on this week and not a lot of reading time. I'm almost halfway through David Copperfield and still enjoying it. 

I don't normally read 2 books at a time but I have a non fiction book that I've picked up (well it's on my Kindle) and read a little of it here and there. The name of the book is The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs: Use Outdoor Clues to Find Your Way, Predict the Weather, Locate Water, Track Animals―and Other Forgotten Skills (Natural Navigation).  

As someone who enjoys the outdoors and takes note of a lot of things around me when I'm out and about, I've found this book to be very interesting.

I so wanted to work more on my quilt this week. But we had a busy weekend and I had several busy days and made no progress on it. I'm thinking today I might have time to cut the sashing strips, and maybe more... we shall see.

One thing I MUST do soon is make soap. We are going to run out soon if I don't get to it. I was out of coconut oil and ordered some last week. I use to buy it in large (25#) containers when I was actively selling it. If I bought that much now it would go rancid before I would use it. So I searched around and found some on Amazon. It was a 1 gallon container. Now I have all my oils and am hoping this will be a weekend project.  

Fitness and Health
Healthy Eating:  I love salads as you probably know.  I think they are a fantastic way to get a variety of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and more. I try and seek out as many dark colored veggies as possible. The saying goes, the darker the veggie the more nutrition it contains. 

With that in mind I bought some beets when I was out shopping last week. Normally I cook them in my Instant Pot, peel and slice them and add them to my salads.  Instead this week I decided to add them raw to my salads. I love how sweet and delicious they are. They are super easy to use raw for this. I treat them as a carrot. I cut the ends off, peel them, and then grate them..

Not only are they good for you but they make a beautiful addition to a salad..

View from my Deck
Sunny and warm are the words for today! 

Today's weather: High: 95  Low: 63

That's all for this week my friends,


  1. 95*! Eeek!
    It's mid-70's here and I love it. :)

    Love the kitty photos and what a great idea about shredding the beets!

    1. Eeek!! Is right! I wasn't ready for this heat yet! 😀 The kitties are so cute ♥️
      Crystal ♥️♥️


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